Bills in Toronto

How are tickets selling this year? Is it going to be a success or another total failure?

I'm hoping it tanks again :slight_smile:

Actually I hope it goes really well and everyone attending paid full amount for their tickets, that way Rogers will ask for more games and Buffalo will get more money for their reno's to The Ralph and ensure the Bills stay in Buffalo for a very long time. Where they should stay. :wink:

Stadium Upgrades Likely Top $100 Million

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It's a win-win for CFL and Bills fans who want to see the team stay in Buffalo! Of course I haven't gone to any of the games in Toronto nor will I go to any of the remainder. :wink:

I could truly give a #@@# @# about the Bills in Toronto.

for all I care, I hope that Rogers Centre has a power outage and they have to cancel the game, losing all revenue.

or that the Environmental systems screw up and it gets so hot inside that everyone cooks.

I want the NFL to fail in Canada more than seeing the Eskimos Lose.

Actually I hope it goes really well and everyone attending paid full amount for their tickets, that way Rogers will ask for more games and Buffalo will get more money for their reno's to The Ralph and ensure the Bills stay in Buffalo for a very long time. Where they should stay.
Lack of fan interest is still the best way to deter the NFL from ever coming to town.

If they sell out Bills games, the NFL will likely take notice and place Toronto on it's potential expansion/relocation list and we don't want the big bad NFL coming to southern Ontario.

I don't care if the Bills fold or relocate as long as they stay in the U.S.

If there is a lack of fan interest in Toronto, and the Bills are actually quite good this year compared to every season since about 1995 or so, well that should settle this matter but ... :roll:

As long as the Bills stay in Buffalo and with a $100 mill or so reno to The Ralph and a long term lease, there will not be a team in Toronto as some 10,000 Canadians I've heard, maybe more even, go to Bills games in Buffalo and the NFL wouldn't do anything to hurt the Buffalo franchise after them spending all that money to keep the team there.

And if that's the case, I don't see how Ford could get a stadium done in Toronto with Buffalo staying there.

But honestly tangle, I don't think Rogers will ask for more games with this latest news of reno's to The Ralph on the table. Certainly wouldn't think so as it would appear that Rogers is helping the team stay in Buffalo which isn't what they wanted or want.

Here's a good read:

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I hope people enjoyed their $200 yawner today.

51 579 paid attendance according to the NFL -- wow!

Note that Washington coach Mike Shanahan had never been shut out in his entire NFL career.

You guys really are not kidding when you go on and on about how much they hate the CFL in Toronto. Carry on! :lol:

I wonder when was the last crowd in Toronto with even 30K in their seats not just paid by Rogers?

What's the definition of paid? As in, Rogers paid for the game and then gave away tickets?

Rogers only gave away 20,000 tix :wink:

I have to wonder how many tickets Rogers really 'gave away?'

And if it were even 20K, how would the attendance otherwise at over 30K 'truly paid' compare in reality with a top Argos game such as say against a good team earlier in the season like in September?

Plus like others, I enjoy reading some people's candid comments to bash Toronto when merited on here anyway. :lol:

It's like reading some of the same for places here in the US like much of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Kentucky, much of the South, and Detroit. :stuck_out_tongue:

These bills games are one-off events. The crowds are big but its a "special events" AND they still can't sell them out. Price may be a factor but if you want the NFL, get used to it! I also wonder how many Bills fans from Buffalo make their way up. If the Riders were in Saskatoon, I would make the 2 hour drive from Regina. The 51,000 and change is not typically big enough for NFL standards and they would require a bigger football stadium be built. Rogers Centre sucks for ALL football. Toronto as a principle wants the NFL. The CFL is beneath them for some reason. The media propagates it and kids grow up believing it. However, they don't want the NFL because they love football. It is another activity to put on the mantle of things to do in Toronto. The crowds for an NFL team would ebb and flow like Blue Jays and Raptors crowds. It would be huge at first but eventually blend in to the rest of the sports scene. Having is not so great a thing as wanting. If TO wants the NFL, they can have it. This argument gets so old. You can't make Toronto enjoy and embrace the Argos. They simply aren't interested.

The Argos have drawn 30k crowds in recent history. The problem is, you can't get get it consistently. The benchmark in the CFL seems to be 22k+. You need that much to be viable. The Argos need a football only venue with a reasonable number of seats. Rogers Centre is a horrible venue for any sport without the word baseball in it. The reality is, Toronto would optically look better if they had the Montreal model. Montreal doesn't draw that much more year in and out. Their game experiences and atmospheres are night and day however. I'd love to see Braley bring a proper venue to Toronto. I'm not hopeful however.

"There are media fan-boys up here who drool at the possibility of an NFL team in Toronto, but most of the conjecture in that regard seems to come from Western New York. That’s understandable, given concerns about who takes over the team after 93-year-old Ralph Wilson passes and how on earth Ralph Wilson Stadium can be revamped in an economy that’s in the toilet. Forget Toronto. You want to fear some city? Fear Los Angeles – a bigger market more capable of building a football-only facility and an easier sell politically. And spare us the whole drivel about the NFL wanting to expand its international footprint. It captured Canada a long time ago. Playing a game in Europe or Asia or Mexico enlarges your international footprint. Canada? Not so much."

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Here's the deal:

Potential interests in Toronto want a Bills team that sucks on the field so they can buy the team cheap after Ralph passes on. They want the Bills to fail in other words. But guess what boys Phil Lind? The Bills are decent this year and there is hype of renovating The Ralph to keep the team in Buffalo long term.

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: Thanks Rogers for your money --- suckers!!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Papered or not, I'm still surprised over 51,000 turned out for the last T.O. Bills game.

The Argos should paper the heck out of their games and get some noise and ambiance in that building.
This will provide added motivation and incentive for the players as well as a sense of pride for the organization and hopefully the fan experience can trickle interest whereas the Comps will decrease over time..

I'm surprised that the Super Bowl doesn't outdraw by double in Canada the Grey Cup because it's "the biggest and best" and likewise I'm surprised that the Bills series in Toronto didn't sell out the minute it was announced because it's "the biggest and best" and Toronto is the "biggest and best and wants the best". :wink:

What went wrong? Overpriced tickets? But it's Toronto isn't it, home of the Leafs where people pay whatever.

The NFL should be selling out in "NFL mad Toronto" all the time at high prices because they have a smallish stadium to begin with. Who knows.

And no, the Argos should not be papering the house IMHO. Sure, offer discounts to large group purchases from companies or whatever, that's fine, but not papering the house, then your product just looks on the cheap.

I'm surprised that the Super Bowl doesn't outdraw by double in Canada the Grey Cup because it's "the biggest and best"
hey Earl, do you know what were the numbers last year in Canada for the GC and SB?

Found this tangle, appears to be very similar, slightly over 6 mill for each. But the SB was not on a specialty sports network like the GC although not sure how this would really affect numbers significantly.

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thanks Earl
You can guarantee that the GC numbers would be closer to 10 mil had the game been available on network. (CTV, CBC)
Many folks do not subscribe to cable stations which will definitely affect overall numbers.

Even the author of the article stated, "One has to wonder what the ratings would be for the Grey Cup IF it aired on CTV?"

very telling..