Bills in Toronto

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Is ther a Bills game in Toronto tomorrow??????? :lol: :lol: :wink:

Lind will say anything to try and keep the Argos down and the 100th Grey Cup in Toronto down. That's Phil for ya! 8)

Funn y how those 2 were not even mentioned so uh ya ....... don't blame them for the CFL's problems

Reading that Donald Trump could be interested in the Bills perhaps and keeping them in Western New York.

[i]Sports journalist Scott Pitoniak quoted Kelly in 2009: “This is still Mr. Wilson’s team and I don’t think it’s right for me to press this,’’ he said. “I have the utmost respect for Mr. Wilson. God bless him for keeping the Bills here for 50 years when there’s no doubt he could have easily made more money by moving the team someplace else.’’

Pitoniak continued, "The angst felt by Bills fans has intensified in recent weeks with news that billionaire Ed Roski will finance the construction of a football stadium near Los Angeles and has identified seven NFL teams, including the Bills, he plans to contact about moving to the nation’s second largest city."

"Despite the news, Kelly isn’t worried. His confidence is bolstered not only by the financial wherewithal of his potential ownership group, but also by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. Kelly believes Goodell, who grew up near Jamestown, will not allow the Bills to leave western New York.

“I know people think otherwise, but Goodell does care about that stuff,’’ he (Kelly) said. “He’s not going to allow that to happen on his watch. He is a class act and I think he’s going to be around a long time as commissioner, and that’s good news for the Bills.’’

Still, who is out there that can compete with Ed Roski? Who has the interest and finances to bolster Kelly’s ownership group? Interestingly enough, the connection that Kelly has may be unbeatable – none other than Donald Trump.

The outspoken billionaire and host of television’s "Apprentice" was born in New York City. Since the Bills are the only football team to actually play home games in New York, then it’s fitting that Trump would become a fan. In the 80s, he became the owner of the USFL’s New Jersey Generals. Trump drafted Jim Kelly for this USFL team, starting a relationship that could be the tie that binds Trump to Kelly’s group.

If Kelly is indeed serious, the money will have to be there. The speculation surrounding Trump’s involvement might be just that – but the connections are there. The money is there. Trump’s passion for football, is there.

In a CNN/SI article published in 1984, Trump spoke of his love for the game. "I could have had four or five NFL teams," he says, but he bought the Generals, who were a dismal 6-12 their first season despite having Herschel Walker, because "I like a challenge."

"They read that the Grand Hyatt would never be built, but it was. They read that Trump Tower would never be built, but it was. Now they see me buy a football team. They're gonna believe." Trump adds, "When I want something, I want victory, completeness, results."

And those are exactly the kind of words Bills fans want to hear.[/i]

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