Bills in Toronto?

Hello, I know this isn't a tiger cat topic but this is where it will get read. Willis McGahee of the Buffalo Bills thinks they should be in Toronto.
Here's a link....

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Yeh, and what Willis McGahee says really has a lot of weight. But maybe he just doesn't like the bright lights of Buffalo. :lol:

The NFL would rather play a regular season game in Europe,as they are next year,than In Toronto...thats how much they would like to see a team in Toronto! :lol:
looks good at that slime, Paul Godfrey! :lol:

Ah catfan, lets give our good ol' buddy Godfrey some slack, he did say that he wanted to be respectful of Toronto hosting the GC next year so he and his group didn't submit a bid to the NFL to host the game so as not to showup the GC.
Paul, from the bottom of our hearts, we are so grateful for this act of extreme kindness on your part to us CFL fans. We are forever in your debt. 8)

(Yea, right)

It may not be as far fetched as you think.
Buffalo had the fewest sell-outs in the NFL.
It might just work having 4 home games in Toronto, and 4 in Buffalo.
I'd be thinking that the Cincy Bengals hope its not true.
I think half of them are not allowed to leave the country :lol:

I find it hard to believe that the Bills would leave an 80,000 seat stadium to play in a 50,000 seat stadium. The loss of revenue would be significant unless the ticket prices in Toronto were astronomical.
I agree with the negative comments re. Paul Godfrey.

Corporate backing for a NFL team would be huge.
It would also push a whole new audience in to the Bills merchandise, and add to the sagging Bills fan base.
More people from Canada might make the trip to Buffalo once or twice a year. It would also make the Buffalo home game tickets harder to come by with only half the home dates. demand = rip off pricing.

Oh well enough about those Bills.

Never going to happen.......Toronto brings nothing to the NFL.

The NFL is a television run league and for an expansion team/existing team to be there it would have to produce a large increase in TV audience.

Canada is already tuning into the NFL and having a team there would not increase that audience any more.

Mexico City on the other hand is another story, 30 million people in that city alone!

Also, Rogers Centre has the same problem as Copps Colisieum.....out of date and it is a lot more expensive to refurbish Rogers than Copps

first of all Rogers centre was approved by Paul Tagliabue as a vaible NFL venue and with some alterations can hold 65000 fans,there are a couple of new NFL stadiums that hold around that amount-Heinz field comes to mind.also when the Bears were renovating soldier field,they were a chin hair from calling Skydome their home for that season...only the crappy turf held them back,this was reported by BOB McCown on the fan 590 a few months ago,Toronto is definately an NFL viable city,in the eastern time zone and an english speaking country!

did u guys no at one time the Colts were considering Toronto 4 a place to move? that wuda been sweeeet

Although I am a huge Bills fan, as well as a Ticats fan, I would not go to Toronto to see them. The Rogers Centre is the absolute worst place to see football. I would hate to see 10 games there in a year! You are too far away from the field! Toronoto won’t support the Bills! Their games will be blacked out after the novelty has worn off or if they are winning. They should name them the Maple Leafs, then people might go see them.

Tiger_Dirt, have you been to an NFL game? Watching football in the Dome is pretty damn close to watching football in the NFL. I have been to many NFL games. I'd love to see the Bills in Toronto, or any NFL team for that matter. On the other hand i would die if i saw CFL revenue struggle because of the NFL.

Are the Bills crazy in the head....I was a Bills fan. :thdn: :thdn:

Next year the Dolphins are playing a game in London England. They mite be playing against the Bills...check the NFL site for more details and confirmation

just a greedy running back that has attitude & shooting off his mouth because he wants out of buffalo.

Exactly right. This is why L.A. has been without a teamn for so long. The departure of the Rams and Raiders did not affect TV ratings in L.A., so why would they put a team there?

NFL is all about TV revenue, and that revenue is huge. For any team to enter the league it has bring in extra TV viewers with it for the owners to give up a slice of their pie. Teams in Toronto and L.A. would not do that.

(argonauts9) i would die if i saw CFL revenue struggle because of the NFL.
This would be my main concern. I know that most of us on this site recognize Canadian Football as being far superior to the American game, but I don't think sponsors and advertisers would care about that.

They'll put their money where it will give them the greatest financial benefit. They would almost assuredly go with thr NFL game to get the greater viewership.

Such a move, "could" destroy the CFL. Lets hope not.

Um, hello, yes I have been to a Bills game. Their stadium is similar to IWS. You are right on top of the field.

I need to ask you, HAVE YOU EVER BEEN TO A GAME AT THE DOME? I take it as a "no" because it's the absolute worst place to see a game. Who else agrees with me?

[quote](Tiger Dirt)
I need to ask you, HAVE YOU EVER BEEN TO A GAME AT THE DOME? I take it as a "no" because it's the absolute worst place to see a game. Who else agrees with me?

I've watched lots of football at the Rogers Centre and admittedly its not the greatest place to watch football, but it's not as bad as you're making it out to be either. At least it's comfortable and if you purchase the right seats, which I always do, you can sit reasonably close to the field too.

I've also watched the Bills in Orchard Park and I quite enjoy it, but I prefer Canadian Football.

But you have to think the NFL wants out of Buffalo, a city going downhill economy wise and not a growing city either.

If the money was equal between say the Bills and a western CFL team, I would play in the CFL in the west in a second as playing regular season games in Buffalo in December and playoffs in January would be worse, weather wise, on average than the CFL in November if you're a warm weather sort of player.