Bills in Toronto Reaches new Low

As pathetic as the CFL is doing in TO right now.. The NFL is now reducing seating to what I guess is just over 40000.

Compare the seating charts.... The Bills have eliminated thousands of seats.... not as many as the Argos mind you....
Soon there will be no football at all in TO

What a waste of time. Can't wait until the experiment is over. Toronto needs to give it's head a shake.

I’m confused as to what your getting at???

The first stadium in Rogers Centre in Toronto. Baseball setup

The second stadium is Ralph Wilson Stadium in Buffalo. Not Rogers Centre.

I'm also confused. The first link only goes to a seating chart for the Skydome, but doesn't say anything about the particular event. The second one only takes you to a page about the Bills, but not the series. There's an article about the Bills in Toronto series, but it appears to have been written in 2008 or 2009, not really relevant.

first post huh

The Bills in TO is bad for Buffalo and bad for the CFL. I realize most of TO football fans want an NFL franchise, but that delusion only kills any enthusiasm for the Argos and the CFL--almost as much as Coach Barker :lol:

Judging by the number of people showing up for any kind of football in Toronto, I’m pretty sure what they really want is an NHL team. :stuck_out_tongue:

I'm sure Toronto would love to have an NHL-calibre hockey team, but they're stuck with that overpriced farm club known as the Make Beliefs :oops: (couldn't resist that jab, sorry)

The sooner they get rid of NFL promotion in Toronto, the Better for the Argonautes and the Canadian Football League!

Personally the Bills thing in Toronto is so ho hum I don't even care any more. The 100th Grey Cup is going to be played at it's birthplace and that's the main thing for me, the Bills series didn't scare off Braley and the CFL from doing this, if in fact that was part of the intention of the Rogers experiment.

My bad.. I thought both seating charts were the Skydome.

I've been a Buffalo Bills season ticket holder since 1991 and I LOVE how this Bills in Toronto deal has worked out. The Bills made a boat load of money, Toronto embarasses themselves yet again, the NFL is NOT coming to Canada, and each year I sell my tickets for the game in Toronto to some chump in a business suit and it covers a large chunk of my season ticket costs.

Keep the CFL in Canada and keep the NFL in America. :thup:

If this 100 mill dollar reno goes ahead with The Ralph, I'd say the idea of the Bills moving to Toronto are extremely slim:

Roger Goodell Foreshadowed Buffalo Bills' Stadium Upgrades

[url=] ... er-goodell[/url]

Remember when they had a lottery for people to get the privilege to purchase tickets because this was going to be the biggest sports event in Toronto's history? And that the predicted lines would run for miles and miles, and it wouldn't matter because they could charge whatever they wanted because Toronto is a football crazy market...
Ah those were the days.

I've said it before and I'll say it again; Toronto is not getting an NFL team and the Buffalo Bills will be staying in Buffalo.

yes, many "experts" and "journalists" touted such nonsense, which just reinforces my non-belief in clairvoyancy.

Rogers Inc. gives out copious numbers of complimentary tickets to its employees, and another poster stated that there are thousands of giveaways in his hometown of Ottawa.

All I can say is:

fail fail fail fail