Bills in Toronto: Quebec fans need to know

The Buffalo Bills game in Toronto had very little media coverage in Quebec. The population knows very little. Worse, some media make believe it was a success! If the NFL game had been a true success the subject would have been exploited well better. The media did not made any analysis of the event and quickly passed to something else, as they did for the closing of the NFL Europe and the horrible game in London last year. This time, I want the people of Quebec to learn the truth.

As regards the anti NFL walk, according to me almost nobody spoke about it. I would like to inform the public but I have very little information except the little which I read here on the forum. I sent E-mails but did not receive any answer. I need Somme basic information’s before I write an article like:

1- Is that movement carries a name? (NFL,stay the hell out of Canada!)?
2- How it is financed?
3- When it started?
4- How many members? i?[/i]
5- Are they all from Toronto?
6- Do they plan to do something for the next NFL game in Toronto?
7- What about the Bills fans who want to keep their team home?
8- What about the freedom of expression? Was Toronto’s students sensitized?
9- What was the Media coverage?

Any other information will be appreciated.

So many articles on this. Go to Google News and type in buffalo bills toronto. You’ll have more than enough information to write anything on.

I did not find any answers to my questions.

Here's what ya do:

Go on facebook, and join the group: "NFL, stay the hell out of Canada!". Here's a link:

[url=] ... 26init%3Dq[/url]

the admin of that group is one of the big organisers behind the campaign and protest. He can help you.

From my own experience at the protest, we were very well received. There were about thirty of us, mostly young people but some adults as well. Most of the fans agreed with our support for the Argos and our "Bills Belong in Buffalo!" chant. We walked around the perimeter of the Skydome for about two hours, lots of cheers and horn-honking accompanying us. We ended up on CTV's 11 o'clock news that night.

Hope that's helpful.

I also have a group stay out of Canada NFL that was before this one, and it has Tony Montana shooting up the NFL logo.

Very interesting, does your group « Stay out of Canada» steal exist?

Can you give me moor info?

Can you show us your logo?

Did you ever consider joining forces to make a bigger organization for the protection of the CFL?

Not so sure this should really be intrepeted as protection of the CFL but rather we don't need the NFL at the expense of damaging Canadiana and a cultural icon like Candian rules football to be su.cked into the American melting pot of what goes in the US of A should go well for everywhere in the world. Not really a CFL thing solely as such. If you get where I'm coming from.

Most of us have nothing agains't the NFL and most of us here enjoy it, we just don't need it Canada with teams, that's all. In a way, we are agains't the huge business where nothing matters except money to a big business and this case, Buffalo sort of becomes a Canadian city in some respects for all intents and purposes, a place where the city is losing people and therefore, who cares big business says, let's get out of there and make big bucks where we can. The little guy getting stomped on type of thing.

NFL don’t need protection, CFL does!

CFL is a small business compare to the 6 billions$ NFL and it needs protection. It can’t compete with the NFL and the Toronto’s pro NFL Media. Who is speaking for the CFL’s fans? Who as a strong enough voice?

Some people decided to do something. It takes courage, time and energy. The least that I can do for them is to let the French fans know there are CFL fans up there fighting for they league.

I had write questions at the beginning of this topic, if you know the answers or you have other information please tell me.

How about these headlines:

Canada loves the NFL but do we really need to have teams in Canada?

I don't think the NFL or Buffalo have any intention of permanently moving to Toronto, I think the protest should be aimed at Ted Rogers.

Good point Dust. How about:

Ted, keep your fithly rich hands off the Bills for the good of a lot of people, north and south of the 49th