Hi There,

I havant posted for a while however i just wondered how many Bills matches will be played in Toronto next season.

One of my best mates has excellent contacts at the NFL and he told me that the Bills are in a pretty bad way however he thinks that the NFL have made a big mistake in letting them play in Toronto.

Saw Arena Football for the first time on TV in Europe the other night WHAT A PILE OF TOSH are they serious.

Excuse me because living in France i had never seen this before i am a sports nut however this was the BIGGEST PILE OF RUBBISH I HAVE SEEN IN MY LIFE.
Do people seriously watch this or is it just for American EGGHEADS :slight_smile:

Coming over for the Ti-Cats v Argos match in early July with the wife see you in Hamilton if you fancy a pre-match beer.



Hope you have a good time at the Ti-Cats game.

The Bills will play 8 games over five years in Toronto, 3 of them pre-season. The word is that there will be 1 pre-season and 1 regular season game in Toronto this year, but no specifics have been announced yet.

I don't find arena football that interesting either.

Arena football is an absolute travesty of sports.

From what I have read the regular season Bills game won't be played until after the Grey Cup.

Arena Footbal is not football. It's a joke. It hurt my eyes and is so lame. Kind of like indoor soccer. These sport where meant to be played outdoors for a reason

nothing wrong with arena football, its just another game, as is cricket, rugby, aussie rules football, lacrosse, floor hockey, street hockey, grass hockey etc. Dissing a game just because it is different is assinine.

Just because one doesnt like a game doesnt make it a joke. I dont like basketball so I guess that makes it a joke.

oh yeah, and golf is a joke too.

Arena football is to football what frisbee golf is to golf.

The problem with either is twofold: (i) their association with the "real" underlying sports, and (ii) they're not very good.

and where does frisbee football fit in then??

Dissing a professional game is NOT "assinine". Games or sports are meant to be appreciated or NOT. It is no more asinine to be critical of something, especially professional sports, than to sit on the fence and have no opinion at all.

Glad you're coming over for some CFL AC!

I don't have a problem with arena football. I guess to me it's like flag football that I played after high school, it was fun playing flag football even though is wasn't the real thing. Arena football is just another game and if you want to watch it you will and if there aren't enough fans, it'll go under, whatever, like any sport or league.

yea Arena football has got to be such a joke of a gameā€¦

arena football has enough fans to have lasted a long time, longer than all the other failed NA football leagues put together. Calling Arena football a joke is insulting to those fans. Anyone calling arena football a joke are the real jokes themselves.

I don't think cflisthebest means it's a joke of a game, it's just not what football should be compared with the outdoor game. Of course it's not a joke otherwise it wouldn't have price tags for teams in the millions and shown on major television networks. It might not be your cup of tea but it sure ain't no joke.

Couldn't agree more!!

Getting back to the original question regarding Arena Football...The nay sayers in this thread are in the very small minority who dislike the game. Is it for everyone? no. But it is an american spinoff of the outdoor game that was started OVER twenty years ago so it's not going anywhere! And arenas are filled when it's gameday.