Bills in Buffalo or Bills in Toronto?

I don't get it.....

you should put up the option neither

I haven't, and won't, go see the Bills. Toronto or Buffalo makes no difference. I can't stand them. I hope they move to Los Angeles.

CFL only 4 me, please!

I wouldn't drive to either. I'd take the go and spend $100. The $250 is a maximum price and anyone who's been to Toronto knows the lower bowl seats are terrible

This is one poll that needs an "as long as the beer is cold" option.

Or, in this case, an "either, as long as someone I know gives me a free ticket they got from a supplier, and the beer is cold" option.

I'd watch paint dry, as long as the beer is cold.

I voted...but I prefer a third option of "neither".
That is unless the Bills are playing the Cowboys or Parcells' new version of the Dolphins.

I Rather Drive to Detroit Then Buffalo
But that will only be after the CFL Season is Done.