Bills / Dolphins - Game thread


Looks like a LOT of empty seats....


Miami TD…nice!

Here’s hoping Buffalo doesn’t score a point.


I turned the idiot box on out of morbid curiousity as to how many empty seats would be in Skydome. There are definitely a lot of unsold/no shows. That begs the question of how much "paper" is in the stands. Of course the Rogers media empire won't be talking about that tomorrow. Their reports will be what a huge success the game was and throwing expansion seeds on their soil/captive market.

I was thinking of hanging outside the Skydump today, to see if I could get a ticket for $20.

Probably could have, but I'd rather spend that 20 on something else.

The commentators (talking heads) made mention of a great crowd. Ya right....


I was surprised by the number of prime seats covered by a banner.

Why? Too expensive to sell?

I'm not sure if those seats were suppose to be sold for this game.
Does anyone know?

No offence, but why wouldn’t they be sold?

Could you imagine them tarping seats in Green Bay? No matter how bad the sightlines are?


Not sure why they wouldn't be sold unless they consider them obstructed view.
I know they are not sold for the Argo's games.
It just seems to me that I remember hearing they weren't being sold. Then again,
I don't trust my memory or my hearing. :?

Oh my goodness....that was horrible.

What a snorefest.


Well the obvious curiosity had me tuning in during the second quarter.
From the crowd shot, there were many pockets of empty seats throughout the dome and interestingly enough the announcers and credit to them did a bit with former CFL players going to the NFL.
The game was typically No Fun League as the score would indicate at 16-3. It was a snooze fest and you could not hear the crowd who must have been nodding off and or typically wannabe Tarana fans sitting on their hands.
PT Barnum was indeed correct, a sucker is born every minute.

who cares we need to bring back the slogan we had in cfl a couple years ago C.F.L. ALIVE AND WELL N.F.L. CAN GO TO HELL!!!!!! how true that is in my mind

Our two worst teams, the Ticats and Argos can smoke either of these so called teams playing either rules.
B O R I N G.

I was unable to see the game, so I followed it on did Ricky "One of the Top 5 Running Backs in Football" Williams look?? Who was the qb for the Bills again...JP Lostman??? Mark Cohon must be smiling....hope the fans in attendance enjoyed their Premier Football...

Here is one of the first articles out of the gate from Canadian Press. No mention of a boring game, but interestingly it deals with a non sellout and many seats being empty. ... s_toronto/

Sell Out = Smell Out
NFL = Not Fricking Likely

Hey, I can appreciate a low scoring game like this one, no prob. But Losman,he's a 2nd stringer in the NFL or CFL, lets be honest. And the Bills got screwed on that so-called INT in the endzone, the Fish guy did not have possesion IMHO.

At any rate, Ralph Wilson, take the games back to Buffalo,you own the Bills for crying out loud and basically gave home-field advantage to the Dolphins, horrible, I'd be cancelling my season tickets pronto unless you take back the Bills games in Toronto, immediately. All for money, oh god, you've dissed your own team, a shame.

Pennington is a decent qb and probably could be a legit starter in our league I think.

Earl, a low scoring game in our league is trashed by the media as being boring. Conversly a similar game in the No Fun League is a defensive battle.
Hypocrisy is alive and well in the Centre of the Universe.

This series is turning into a nightmare for Rogers. They’re going to lose big time on this and this series aint impressing no one south of the boarder, and it was funny to see the moron on sportsnetnews get all defensive about a poll where 58% said they don’t want an NFL team. He was like ‘it’s too bad, it’s happening whether you like it or not lol’

Yeah, and taking a family of four to that debacle could have run you $1500.



I honestly feel sorry for the great fans of the Bills who have to be subjected to this Toronto stuff, a shame. I really think we'll see the series cancelled in order for the Bills, how they will say in an official press release, to be "sensitive" to their primary fan base feedback located in Upstate New York who wish to have all of their games played at the Ralph. Would make perfect sense really.