bills broken in TO, not CFL

In todays Toronto sun, there is an article with the title of this thead, yet I can't find it online at

Even if I did find it, I'm on my BlackBerry, and wouldn't be able to post the link or article here.

Maybe someone wouldn't mind taking a look on, and if its there, post it here for everyone...


It seems everyone is having as much luck finding the article as I did.

The sports section features the argos on the 1st 4 pages! Then bashes the bills on page 6!

Winning grabs attention!


The late Bob ackles believed the bills deal in Toronto would mean the end of the CFL.
What ackles didn't forsee was how terrible the bills were about to become. All this seems important now, as the volts come to Toronto for a pre season game in the drowning 'bills in TO' series.
Whatever was supposed to happen with this deal, hasn't.
There is no more connection to the bills than toronto has with any other NFL team
I'd Rogers could get out of this expensive arrangement now, its almost certain it would.
Ackles had it wrong: this has been a financial boon for the bills, and an unmitigated disaster for Rogers and toronto!

Had to type that on my BlackBerry, so sorry if there's a typo or two!

Oh, forgot to mention the author: Steve Simmons

And when I said the first 4 pages of the sports section is argos, I don't mean blurbs...I mean nothing but the argos!
Full colour pictures as well!

Good job boys. Take back Toronto!

The little snippet is buried in the "Wright guy for UFC" column.

Page 8 and 9 are all Steve Simmons articles.
I'm glad its on the page with the UFC article, cuz a lot of UFC fans are NFL fans, and will see the NFL is never comming to canada on a full-time basis!
Then they can stop talking about the day the NFL comes here and kills the

[url=] ... 28146.html[/url]

Thanks for pointing this out D_G!

There are a few NFL shills in Toronto who's faces I'd like to see now. I bet they look good covered in egg.

Of course you find it AFTER I type it all out on my cell phone…lol

God the Bill's suck >.<
Why can't I be like everyone else in Hamilton and buy a jersey of the superbowl winning team and say I was always a fan of theirs?
Lot's of brand new Saint's jersey's, hell I don't think I ever saw a piece of Saint's apparel in Hamilton my entire life until this point and now that's all you see.Well that's until a new champions crowned of course :wink:

The Saints are the biggest bandwagon team in sports.

For now. The New York Jets will change that, I have faith. Just had to post this Chief. :smiley:

The same thing happens almost every time with the fair-weather lame fans when a team other than Dallas or Pittsburgh comes up with it. With the Saints after all that had happened in New Orleans and after all the media propaganda for that city, that bandwagon hit a whole new level.

The same happened with the Bears for the 1985 season, after the Colts won with all of those sudden new fans of Peyton Manning too, after the Broncos won, after the Rams won, and after the Packers won. The quarterback's jersey is usually the one that ends up all of a sudden all over the country.

And the Saints beat the Colts handily and rightly no doubt, but they got there after two decisively terrible calls to beat the Vikings and a whole game of no roughing calls on Favre.

I for one am sick of those lame VISA commercials as well as always hated that dump of a city of New Orleans even before Katrina during which of course I shared much of anger at how woefully the evacuation and relief efforts were handled at the state level and then local and federal levels of government.

I'm pulling for the Jets this year too, lord knows the Bills can't get it done.Besides, my dad's a huge Jet's fan and he bought me a jersey :lol:

Wow you're unique :roll: -- you and that whole constantly obnoxious mob of New Yorkers who can't remind us enough about Joe Willie so many years ago because they have little else meaningful to talk about? And it's the same bunch of whom many seem to be lame Knicks fans and can't stop but bring up Willis Reed for the same reasons because otherwise they are so loud and lame.

It's not as if they don't have the likes of ESPN to help them out whenever they win and pour on for the rest of us along with the same for the Cowboys or the Giants or of course BRETT FAVRE!

New York SCUM! :twisted:

I remember Super Bowl #3 with Joe Namath. For years I floundered trying to figure out my team to cheer for in the NFL. After 911 went down, I felt so terrible with a lot of feelings around that. And then the answer came to me, New York Jets became my team.

I started cheering for the Colts when I got into the NFL, but after the last three years I've lost all respect for that organization. I'll continue to follow them only because Peyton is tied with Kobe for my favourite all-time athlete. I couldn't care less about the rest of the team. If Peyton signs with another team (yeah, right), then I'll follow him.

I'm actually thinking about cheering for the Ravens this year since the Colts were originally in Baltimore, and I like some of the players, Flacco, Rice, Lewis. Plus they picked up Boldin to help out the passing game.

my favorite team is Pittsburgh, but my brothers favorite is Indy but I CANT STAND PEYTON MANNING!

I like Pittsburgh’s defence, hate their offence. I can’t stand Big Ben. One of the most overrated QBs.

The Toronto's sun coverage of the argos has been really good this year.
The Toronto star, on the other hand, is a piece of crap.

The Sun has always been superior to the Star when it comes to sports coverage, in my opinion.

ya when i was in Toronto i was SHOCKED that there was no Argo coverage in the newspaper since here in Winnipeg half of the sports section is filled with Bombers stuff and CFL stories, and i know in Regina they have about the same there too.

When i get the paper i usually just throw of most of the paper and read the Bomber report and i was looking forward to reading the Argo report for the day and there was none.

I was very disapointed :cry: