Bills-Bears Nov. 7th at Rogers Center

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Well, this is interesting. Cohon's position previously was "let the NFL play in Canada as long as it isn;t during the regular season". It will be very be interesting to see what the league's response is to this.

The response should be a big yawn. It has been known for months that the Bills would play during the CFL season. So what? The Bears are not a big draw, and the time does not conflict with a televised Argo game that day. All things considered, this is a non-event for the CFL. I don't expect Cohon to do anything other than shrug and stay focused on his own product.

pw13, you are correct...........YAWN!!!

I do however look forward to another embarrasement for Rogers on that date.......:slight_smile:

There's this quote

"The notion of the Bills playing in Toronto on the same day the Argos play on the road might be a little too close for comfort for the CFL. But CFL commissioner Mark Cohon’s strategy of not overreacting to anything to do with the Bills Toronto Series has served him well and he’ll likely stick to that."

from this article.

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If that quote is an accurate description of Cohon, then he likely won't be saying much.

But I can't wait to see how big of a disaster it will be. I have predicted it will be the last one of this silly series. Possible lockout next year...Catch the circus while you can lol.

I agree with the others. If a divisional game between the Bills and Dolphins couldn't put behinds in the seats, then I don't see how this game will. These teams aren't even conference opponents.

Playing a game during the CFL season isn't a bad idea for this series, because most Canadians will be jazzed up for football, so people might be more inclided to buy tickets. But the Bears...? If they were really serious about making this a success, they'd go with a team like Indianapolis, or New England, or New Orleans, etc.

These NFL games have had a Wizard of Oz-type effect, where everyone imagined this big, bad monster, but really, it's no longer even a big deal. Toronto is nothing if not trend-conscious, and this series quickly got the scent of "not cool" to it, and it has never really recovered.

I watched a chunk of the game game last year - it was about as sterile an environment as I've ever encountered for a televised NFL game. There did not appear to be any buzz in the stadium. By all published accounts from fans, the game day experience ranges from bad to non-existent, and in no way resembles what takes place in NFL parks (and parking lots) in the US.

The ticket prices started out as over-priced to the point of stupidity, and ended up where they literally could not give them away, thus alienating the best fans they had who shelled out massive dollars for the entire package. For a lark I went on Ticketbastard two days before the game, and could still pull lower level pairs in the endzone (that's 100-level seating, folks), and uppers (300 and 400 level) pairs and sets of 4 at midfield. This is 48 hours before kickoff. The entire 400 and 500 levels had to be almost totally empty before the great Rogers employee giveaway took place.

The Bills have to hate it because they really do lose a home date - their own park is a hard place to play - their own fans are rabid, and there is no shortage of weather in Buffalo.

Toss in the fact that the 'Dome is oddly configured for an NFL football field, and a frantic local media trying to blow some life and interest into the thing, and you've got one, big overblown event that has little more cache than an Argos game, and wouldn't stand a chance competing against a Leafs pre-season tilt.

I wonder if we will see Canadian Corey Mace get re-signed by Buffalo again, activated from the PR the week of the game, again, so he can once again lead the Bills onto the field....

All Blue Jay subscribers were offered 2 free tickets to the regular season NFL game last year, but apparently they had few takers.

This year's Bills game is on a Sunday, competing against the Argos on TV and all the NFL Sunday games, good luck with that! (assuming they won't blackout the NFL in Toronto). Rogers may have to resort to scooping up homeless people (like they did for the final American Bowl in Toronto, offering a coupon for a free sleeping bag and hotdog to the homeless, to help fill Skydome) and the military to help fill in the empty sections.

The sad thing is that P. Beeston (a former Argo executive) has been foisted with running the Bills in Toronto series and his reputation will get dragged down along with the NFL's tarnished image in Canada. :expressionless:

Maybe they chose the Bears this year so they can play up on Israel Idonije being Canadian. They have to find a team with at least one Canadian player on it in an attempt to get interest.

I have to admit, this is the only reason why we attend a Vikes game.

I was kinda hoping that would be the one good thing that would come of this series, that the pressure to allow tailgating would rub off on the CFL around the country.

Anybody care to place a bet how many FULL PRICE tickets are sold? Heavily discounted tix don't count.

It is too bad. Real tailgating is an absolute blast, and turns a 4 hour game experience into a all-day affair, making a $200 game ticket feel like cheap entertainment considering the time you actually spend.

If they're trying to lure Canadians in with a Canadian player, why not use a team like Indianapolis or Pittsburgh. I believe both of those teams signed quite a few CFLers. They may not be Canadian, but CFL fans would probably be more aware of these guys than of Israel Idonije.

Forget the game, just go to the tailgate :wink:

The Bears, probably the last remaining ball control offence in the NFL now that the Ravens are opening things up more for Flacco, are a guaranteed snooze team and destined to be awful again too. All the same from the NFL's callous perspective I would bet, so much the better to have a game there in the middle of the NFL season than chances for a more meaningless game nearer the end for a team that won't make the playoffs.

In their respective divisions, I have to say the Bills and Bears are no higher than third for sake of making the playoffs meaning high potential to miss out yet again lest they each manage the tough feat of winning at least four of their games with divisional opponents and then doing even better outside of their division in the other ten games.

I doubt the NFL will be competing with the CFL though based on the scheduled game time either. They usually work those things out.

I have no idea on the blackout rule though as it would apply to Toronto for sake of this game. :?

With or without the television blackout the NFL will lose big on this one anyway, and we know what a horse's behind the Bills owner is and that massive $250K fine he had to pay for flipping off fans at some other stadium. Even Bills fans can't stand him from what I have heard! :roll:

And this game being a big yawner is putting it to kindly too. Many other random bodily noises come to mind. :lol:

I Think Mark Cohan does not care that the game is being played during the CFL season because nobody cares about the bills playing at the Rodgers Centre to begin with, i have heard sorces from a seattle seahawk writter, that the whole NFL thing of Toronto ever getting a NFL team is out the window, they can not even support the jay's and if that keeps up the Jay's will be gone too. that was his quote.

this is an opportunity to compare toronto bills ratings to toronto argos ratings on the same weekend.

Who cares when the NFL game is, it's a disaster the way it's played out, 8000 packages sold and freebies given away to Rogers employees and discounted tickets. The games have turned out to be just that, a game, and not the "big" event Rogers was trying to tell everybody. They could play on Grey Cup day for all I care.

I live in Hamilton and as I've said, if I want to go see a Bills game, I will continue to do what I've done in the past, go see them in Buffalo where I will get the NFL event atmosphere that Toronto can't give.

I like this comment on the Bills board:

Lame should have been the Jaguars or Browns. Chicago has Cutler and Peppers I want to see these guys and after being one of the only idiots to pay full price the two seasons they aren't getting anymore of my money. The NFL is supposed to be enough of a draw for this game to sell out, having to send stars up there to sell tix is a joke. At least its not Pittsburgh I would have lost my mind.

I'd expect that sort of dimwitted narrow-minded commentary from a Buffalo homer. He's been watching too much local media and is just parroting them like most homers and sadly NFL fans in my experience. Pittsburgh would actually have been a better game in Toronto not that they want to hear that in Buffalo. And c'mon no one gives a damn about those Bears players but homer Bears fans.

Earl you are right about the better atmosphere in Buffalo and in most NFL venues South of the border.

Btw I forgot in my previous comment that the Tennessee Titans still run the only other dull ball control offence any more that I can think of still in the NFL, and their offence features the best back and top offensive player in the league Chris Johnson. The Giants, Steelers, Redskins, and Ravens all ran a ball control offence for years, and with all but the Redskins with at least a Super Bowl trophy in the last decade at that, but they have all moved away from such a offence in the last year.