Bills at Rogers, Sabres at Copp's

Since, as I've been reading, Buffalo is such a downtrodden market for a sports team to survive in and since they would probably like to expand their 'natural' fan base into southern Ontario like the Bills do, why not have the Sabres play 5 of their scheduled games at Copps every year.

Since Tannenbaum has no problem with moving the Bills into Argo 'territory'
I'm sure he wouldn't object to the Sabres moving into Leaf 'territory' now would he.

Free markets and all that.

Not sure if the Sabres owner is a complainer, err, I mean complaining about things like ol' Ralphie is though. :wink:

the NFL is so much different than the NHL.

The NFL is all about money and corporate boxes!

We forget about true hockey fans because going to a Leaf game is all corporate and the true fans are in the rafters. Going to a Sabres game is awesome because there are so many true fans.

Also don't forget, the NFL salary cap has exploded over the last 5 years. This is just another way for a richer league to get richer!

Good gracious thats silly. First off Buffalo can't get their own league to allow the Sabres to do that. Secondly if an NHL team wants to play in Copps the Bulldogs cannot block them. There is actually precident when the NHL played neutral site games and Hamilton was host to some of them

Actually I was being sarcastic and only referred to the Sabres in a what ‘if’ scenario in order to highlight the hypocrisy of Tannenbaum.
The Leafs have blocked Hamilton from getting an NHL team for years citing territorial rights. But, when it comes to there Bills in Toronto it’s all about letting the marketplace decide.

Of course the ultra rich didn't get ultra rich by being fair though, did they?

Presents an interesting dilemma for those like me, though. In addition to being a long time Cats season ticket holder, I also share a set of Raptors season ticket with a friend. The Raptors being Tannenbaum's baby, and Tannenbaum being the CFL's Judas, hmmmmm.

What a wonderful world it would be if Tannebaum screwing the CFL started a chain reaction that led to Leaf nation revolting against MLSE,their long-time tormentor. Tannebaum would get his NFL dream but in the process destroy the value of one of the greatest cash cows in the sporting world. Not going to happen though - if forty years of fleecing isn't enough to turn people against MLSE, destroying the CFL isn't going to do it either. Also, one suspects that it's people like those in Buffalo that would run a guy out of town for screwing with their sports heritege - Southern Ontarions aren't known to have that kind of character.