“Bill’s in Toronto�?

Did anyone catch the Pre-Party for the “Bill’s in Toronto? last night on Citytv?? What a disgrace…


It was embarrassing the way the announcers especially that Kathryn Humpries was drooling all over the players and the NFL party.

She had to though argotom for her job and I’m sure she is paid plenty. If she refused I’m sure she could have been fired. But maybe she wanted to.

Yup, gave me a bad feeling when I watched it for a couple of minutes, sort of dirty and cheap knowing the Lind and company were sitting there in their fancy whatever’s drinking away and hoping the Argos fold and the CFL goes away and laughing I bet to kingdom come. I can’t stand that Lind guy, I think Godfrey is a step up on the integrity ladder to be honest.

Yeh Kathryn Humphries was a terrible representative…

Any news on how many tickets have been sold for the Toronto NFL game?

My understanding is all have been “distributed” but that about 6,000-8,000 remained unsold. To be honest, that’s not bad for an ex game where others have pointed out usually in the US where stadiums are 1/2-3/4 full for ex games.

I heard that the stadium would be full but that about half are freebies.

Rogers owns CityTV. Kathryn Humphreys is one of the best TV personalities anywhere.

Wow, I just saw Phil Lind being interviewed on BNN.
Man, that guy is old.


They announced 48,000 for that game tonight.
Meaning there’s probably about 40,000 in attendacne. Meaning that they probably sold only about 35,000 if that many. Meaning that maybe the CFL just might be able to make survive the big bad NFL?
Oh, lets hope.

she works for the enemy.

she IS the enemy.

Given all the hype around the game, 48,000 announced is not very impressive. Especially when you consider the free tickets, etc …

I seem to remember hearing that buying an Argos season ticket got you a ticket to the Bills game … It’s pretty reasonable to expect that a decent number of Argos season ticket holders would have boycotted the Bills game, if they were indeed given the free ticket.

Wasn’t the NFL exhibition game at BC Place a long time ago nearly sold out too? I think I was at that game too. NFL games are so boring, its made for americans who like baseball and want something a little more tough, and not as juiced.

Anytime anywhere i want to see the CFL’s best play the NFL’s best at Canadian Rules.

True van, the NFL comes across too slow for me especially when the CFL is on at the same time, you flip between games, NFL is putt, putt, putt, CFL is go, go, go. I can though get into the NFL once the CFL season is over, just tune down my brain into a slower thinking and the game can be excellent at that point, but only at that point and with an American fan base that knows how to cheer for it.

There is a period of readjustment when switching from CFL to NFL and vice-versa. Compared to the NFL, the CFL can come across as kind off “high-school” with the yard off the ball at line of scrimmage, and wider camera angles which makes the players look smaller. The NFL is very structured, very uniform and professionally presented, but the actual plays are very short and the timeouts very long and frequent.

I would take the action and excitment of the CFL game anyday over the NFL…but I am mildly interested and follow the NFL after the Grey Cup is over, about on par with the NHL…(both of which are a great antidote for insomnia most nights). I can listen to the NFL in the background, but in reality the game itself is usually a crashing bore to watch, especially when you are accustomed to the excitement of the CFL.

Unless you have money in the pool or fantasy picks, there is little compelling reason to watch an NFL game. The CFL is actually the only sport which can capture and hold my interest for an entire game… :thup:

The fact that they were far from a sell-out with all the hype, tells me the novelty of NawFuL football is going to quickly fade. :smiley:
Ticket sales are going to stagnate because people can’t afford to constantly pay the ridiculous price for tickets. As well the scalpers lost thier shirts on this game (they couldn’t “give-away” the vip tickets at a third of face value)!!! So they won’t be buying as many tickets for future games. I imagine for the next game, you are going see far more empty seats, and by game 4 you’ll be lucky to see 30,000 in the stands!!!