Bill Cowher - Bring him to Hamilton

From one Steeltown to another...

this in another reason why I hate the off-season ... foolish posts such as this

But the Bill Parcells one was so brilliant. It was a joke dude. Remember a while back (during the season no less) where every post was about bringing someone to Hamilton?

And foolish follow-up posts, like this one also. :wink:

I thought it was cute. And I like Cowher. :wink:

That would of been awesome but of course we are too late!

A little too late for Cowher. Imagine Cowher and Marshall on the same side line?

:twisted: :twisted:

They'd look something like that.! We already have too many Americans trying to make our game American. Let's get Canadians to keep it Canadian!

Are you kidding?

Without Americans our game would be a joke.

Never liked Cower.

the cost would be too much
He knows nothing about the cfl

We do need Americans, there's no doubt about that. I feel though that if we bring in an American coach who knows nothing about the game, it will be a failure. Look at what happened when the Cats sunk 400,000 in Timm Rosenbaugh. He was terrible. An American QB with no CDN experience. These guys need to cut their teeth and need some experience with Canadian ball before you throw them to the Lions. Look at Mike Riley, he didn't become a head coach in the NFL over night. It took him years!

Stupid post. Waste of a thread.

For those that might have missed this post…

Wow, tough crowd.

Parcells or Cowher would be interesting in the CFL, notwithstanding the financial strictures that would prevent this from ever occurring. It makes me think of 1993, when Kay Stephenson and the Gold Miners were gonna tear up the league with an NFL-style offense, featuring double tight ends, no back field motion, etc. Even the putrid Ticats beat them that year.