Bighill returns to Winnipeg with unfinished business

Forgot to mention I really think the Edmonton Organization picked the right name for their football team.

Ever since they changed the name the other teams have SLAUGHTERED the ELKS for dinner.

Real tasty, tender and easy to cook up as a meal I guess.

Have a great off Season. I’m all ready missing the ELK hunt by the Stampeders

I need to get me one of those! So true!
It’s funny to see these guys all positioning to try & get the scraps from our table, thinking if they say it enough it’ll actually happen :laughing:
I love seeing these clowns get disappointed time and time again. :clown_face:


Whatever. Win in football, choke on the ice.

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Yup I could AGREE that the Argos WON in football’s greatest Championship game – The Grey Cup

But the actual topic was WINNIPEG and how they were expected to win that game but they CHOKED!

Like deer in the bright headlights they were stunned to watch the Argos hoist the cup while they got nothing.

Everyone expected them to be raising the Cup even them. But rather than go out and play their best game

They totted out there in their uniforms expecting to be just given the championship for turning up.

And when did you become WEBSTER’S DICTIONARY – players can CHOKE in any sport not just on ice as you put it

Here is the official definition

In sports, choking is the failure of a sportsperson or team in a game in a situation where maintaining their performance is highly important.

This can occur in a game or tournament that they are strongly favored to win,

When you try to put us down with Envy, Jealousy, Hatred, Mochery ....all you're doing is telling us how much you love and want to be just like us.

Very sad what this site becomes during the off season. for the 50% or so of the members who enjoy posting throughout the winter most get along quite nicely except for the few who's only purpose is to troll other members with ridiculous outrageous accusations and outright lies.
Most fans from my experience are good people and great fans of the CFL. Someone I respect and I'd be happy to share some beers with.
Then there are the few knuckle dragging troglodytes who live in their mothers' dark damp dingy basement staring at dimly lit screen sitting in the stench of their dirty sweaty underwear, drooling and slapping out messages while eating stale no name cheezies. Hoping and praying for a team or a player who has previously embarrassed their very own team, to make a mistake just so they can unite with the other troglodytes so they can rise up, that is at least until their mother screams from the top of the stairs with a cigarette hanging from the side of her mouth the ash is about an inch long and a raggedy matted little dog in her arm, time to turn off that confounding contraption and go to bed. And for gosh sakes take a damn shower once in a while it smells like crap down there, and maybe try getting up before noon and start looking for a job, try taking care of yourself for a change.

Now common, group hug time. You know you want it!

I only say this objectively and not looking to start a fight!


No, the actual topic is about Adam Bighill… but since you have a reading comprehension problem we’ll leave it at that.