Bighill returns to Winnipeg with unfinished business

A suggested title for the Adam Bighill story, should his compelling tale ever be written, ‘all gas, no brakes.’

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Will this be BigHill’s fatal decision or can the Bombers get another chance after they Choked in Regina?

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Fatal? Choked? They made it to Regina, right? They lost the game. That happens. The Bombers were the best team record wise, doesn’t matter if they won close games or had larger margins of victory.

The core of the team, as in all the recent signings, including Collaros, will remain intact and there will probably be some additions. Although, what they are building behind the aging veterans is pretty good. They played mostly 2nd string players against the second best team, record wise, who played all available starters and played very well. So the unfinished business, it’s a team thing.

They won, with starters, 6 of 6 games vs. the other top two teams in the league with their starters playing.

How’d your guys do this year against the top teams? As I recall, 1-6.

And then staying recent, there’s 2017, 2019 and 2021. The saying is green with envy, but in your case, red applies as well.


It never ceases to amaze me how a second thread about Bighill is immediately jumped on by a fan of an inferior team to run down the entire Bomber team. I’m trying to remember what that is called.

I would recommend that you worry about your crappy team which I didn’t even see in Regina. 0-3 against the choking Bombers. I heard that the Bombers tried to rent the standard issue Stamp choke collars but they couldn’t get them off because they were permanently affixed.

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HA! HA! HA! Yea they made it to the big game alright, then they fell apart

They should have put the Argos away at least a couple of times but they failed to do so.

That is why it is referred to as CHOKING.

The missed FG at the end was the final choke. They had made that they would have won but no way

You can’t just pin the loss on leggio though, Collaros played a terrible game and got the Bombers in

the situation that they badly needed that FG. Over throws and interceptions

All year Collaros (with a ton of luck) managed to get very close wins. But without that luck the result in the 2022 GC was the result.

Going to be very interested to see just how well the Bombers don’t do in 2023.

I think 7 other teams would've traded places in a heartbeat.
A big LMFAO to any fan trying to belittle the club that has been the top dog for 3 years now.
We'll be right there in the running again next year, and some just can't take it.

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At 34, he was the best MLB. He had rookies and backups flanking him most of the year and still had a great year. He is a great mentor for them. Look what Rutledge Jr. did while he was in there. Bighill elevates other players level of competition.

Any team would want his character and leadership on their side. He will lead them back to the top next year.


So does that mean all the other teams choked against the Bombers?


The Stamps didn’t. They choked in BC and didn’t get as far as the Bombers…

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I’d trade places with Toronto but not Winnipeg… nobody cares about your second place finish

Well - it sould be easy to beat a team with:
______________________________ at OC
______________________________ at running backs coach
______________________________ at receivers/O-line coach

And featuring the fabulous _________________________ at QB.

…all hired by the same guy that hired last years Oline…


No it doesn’t . If the other teams failed to get more points than the Bombers during regular season then they are said to have lost.

There was seldom expatiation of either team to get the win in most cases.

In the case of the Bombers during the Grey Cup, they were the heavy favorite by odds makers (and the majority of the stadium fans )

To get the Cup. Because they failed to meet expatiations they are deemed to have CHOKED!

Personally I would guess that even the Bomber squad actually believed all they had to do was suit up and enter the Stadium where they

would be presented the Grey Cup. Then like deers in bright headlights they were stunned when the final gun was fired and the Argos

were presented with the Cup.

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No argument here. Now we wait and see if this is the wake up call the team need to go back to dominating teams or if this is the end of this 3 year year run.

What a load of crap.

What have you to say about your deer in the headlights Stamps that lost 3 times to the Bombers and BC this year? Biggest chokers in the league by your definition.

It is beyond obvious that you are trolling the Bombers when you ignore these facts and try to paint the Bombers as a terrible and choking team when they lost the game by one point on a last second shanked field goal.

And if you knew even the first thing about how O’Shea and the Bombers operate you would never make up something as silly and false as the Bombers just believing they had to suit up. Pure fiction.

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OH ! Somebody can’t stand the truthful facts. I stated that the Bombers were the overwhelming favourite CFL team to win the Cup

this year and they failed to meet everyone’s expatiations. That certainly is the definition of CHOKE. Then you say it’s CRAP? Just because they lost by

1 point? Yea sure believe what you want if that keeps your fantasy alive. But the real people living in reality know the truth when they see it.

There was hope that the Stamps would do better this regular season but they didn’t so we live that reality. Many did not expect the Stamps to win the

Final game against the Bombers since the Winnipeg team was so dominant all regular season. No choking there just a regular season loss. I expect next year they MAY do better, but that remains to be seen

As for the Bombers. I expect their reign is over, but even that remains to be seen.



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Gucci Gucci Goo

The Boys in Blue

They Didn’t come to play

So the Argos took the day

All the Bombers did was CHOKE

That made the team a JOKE

Cause no Champs they could be

And that’s the end of this story



We will take your word for it. Being from Calgary you are likely an expert on what choking looks like, or at least you should be, having seen so many epic chokes by Calgary teams.

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You really Looove us :blue_heart: :football:


HA ! HA! HA!

Yea Calgary were charged with Choking against Toronto & Ottawa a few years ago

But made up for the Ottawa one in 2018 against Ottawa in Edmonton Grey Cup.

But hey look how great Elks have been these last 2 years sludging around in the basement.

They must really make you proud to be consistently last place team.

Can’t even remember the Edmonton Squad when they even made the playoffs been so long

Stamps at least haven’t missed the playoffs for over a decade.