Bighill on verge of signing with Bombers

.....Reports are swirling that Adam Bighill is close to signing with us....Don't know how accurate the rumour is BUT IF true, we just got a whole lot better...Fantastic news for the middle of our D

....Officially signed to a 1 year deal ....Can't see any downside to this one BUT I think it may be the end of Wild and possibly Nevis???

Nice signing...impact player, makes those around him better.

What, nobody to say anything negative about this signing ?... This is fantastic and it sure looks like the management wants to win. I don't think the news could be any better. All I can say is "Henoc who ?"

Like manna from heaven.

Was told he took less money because he wanted to play for O'Shea.

May as well extend them all right now.

Speaking as a Ticat fan, this was a very good signing for Winnipeg. Bighill is a great MLB.

I'm still not sold on Nichols as a starter, though, and you guys definitely are thin at backup QB. Walters needs to sign an experienced CFL QB ASAP to shore up that position, IMO.

Thanks and Nichols IS a starter. It would behoove us to get as much real playing time to the backups as possible though. This is my one big critique with a lot of coaches, ours included.
Who is your starter now ?

....of course.....just wants us to trade a player from our star studded line-up for a back-up who is very expendable ....'Adams'....Not saying we will but we could however entertain that...probably wait to see if the Cats release him first ..Heck we might even have a qb., who we just signed in Ross, who is just as good....

Curious how long Gause sticks with the team.

If it isn't hard to do then why didn't some other team grab him first and if they did nothing and let Bighill sign elsewhere, you and your AWOL conspiracy buddy would being crying bloody murder saying that Miller, Walters and O'Shea are only concerned about their own jobs... There was no luck involved in this signing. I've read more than once that Bighill wanted to play for O'Shea and if that is true then our HC is attracting players by himself. As much as I have criticized O'Shea, I can't find any negative in this feature of his coaching...Alas, some can find a negative anywhere.

Agree luck was not the issue other than Bighill becoming available at an incredibly opportune time.

I respect most of your opinions concerning the team and I agree with many but along with the misadventures I see that Miller and company have given us a stable team and a perennial contender. We have a team now that players want to play for. Aren't these three of the main things that so many Bomber fans wanted just a few short years ago. "If only we could have that, I'd be happy" was the refrain. Well, we do have that. The good far outweighs the bad. Win the cup and clean up after the party.

Of course it is possible the Bombers may have been the highest bidder but who cares. We grabbed the ring. We got Bighill. I'm pumped for this season to start. I've always admired that guy even though I hated him at the same time. The fact he wanted to come here and play for O'Shea may have just been the reason over money. I don't know. I like the idea though. Maybe Bighill doesn't like Hervey. Who knows? Who cares? He's playing for us now. Fantastic.

Cheers're missing something here with Bighill....We made a trade with B.C. in the draft ...dropping out of the first round for them....Granted we didn't want to necessarily want to be in that first round but we were compensated for it with a first rounder in 19' by Hervey...Now I don't see this as a 'for sure thing' that happened but I believe Hervey was asked to 'possibly' bow out IF Bighill wanted to return to the CFL...Funny things happen between GM's sometimes behind the curtain and us, are very close to the cap...We might have had a heads-up that Bighill was going to return to the CFL and to get our ducks in order 'moneywise' ...wink wink....So IF this is what transpired...(B.C.) really didn't have room for Adam and not in a desperate need for a player in the middle anyway, so we got a shout-out...Maybe I'm way off base but I know certain GM' to work with other gm's of their liking in this league...In any matter how it went down... we have signed a force and have improved immensely on D...I'll take it.

Never even thought of this, papa. Although not certain, if this theory is true, it makes Walters a pretty savvy GM. The more I think about, the more I can believe it to be the scenario. Great deduction there, Sherlock !

....Indubitably Watson.... ;D...Don't know if thems the facts Dan....but I'm stickin with them

Great interview/article on Bighill and how he ended in Winnipeg...Joe and other Winnipeg negativists should stay clear of it. They won't enjoy it or believe it. But others might.

.......Great read and you can tell by the article the sincerity and forth rightness Bighill possesses ...I don't think we'll really grasp totally the talented player we just signed until we see him in action in bluengold....Best signing of the offseason for any club in the CFL I'll say....and that includes Johnny Football over there in GoBigBlue...AND Bighill...I hope this signing brings us up close and personal to the Cup in 18'....

I agree. Best signing all off- season. This guy is not a one dimensional MLB. Run stopper, pass rusher, side to side and can drop deep and even has good hands. And a great teammate. Even if it's just a one year deal. Just shows the respect that O'Shea garners amongst the players out there.
There has been a huge cultural shift football-wise in the Peg. Maybe it's just more obvious from the outside looking in.

I said before and I’ll say it again. There is no negative aspect to this signing. The man wanted to play in Winnipeg because he respects our HC. That’s a good thing. A really good thing. I think the signing beats the Manziel one too. We really needed Bighill. Lookout, here we come.

......Training camp is proving to be a real eye opener as far as Simonize goes...Apparently he's catching everything thrown his way and has surpassed all of the other canucks on the club....One remark was made that he looks as good as ANY receiver in the league and that if he can keep it going, we've just signed a gem....He will definitely be starting when game day arrives ...Good things really starting to happen to the Winnipeg Blue Bombers..(sorry belongs in 'camp news'...I got lazy)

....By the by....what the heck happened to Lyle guys...did he get the boot or is he just layin low...... ::slight_smile: