Bighill and Elimimian What is BCs Plan ?

Bighill and Elimimian are both starting MLB in the CFL that play every down what is the word on how this is going to work.

Will the lions go with a 3-4 defense ? I cant see that as they are very stacked at DT creating a nice rotation especially with Westerman being a NI.

Will Elimimian move to WIll LB ? McKenzie has been outstanding at that position.

Are they looking to shop Elimimian ? I cant see Solomon signing on with BC to be a back up.

I just cant figure out where he will fit it is great to have that depth but both Bighill and Elimimian will want and should b playing every down. McKenzie also not a rotational player.

....Look for Wally to make a deal for one of them....I can't see them changing their defensive alignment/schemes with Stubler in charge and the success they've had even without Elimimian...He'll probably try to peddle Solomon for a proven o lineman...Regina has a surplus and I'm venturing a guess he'll end-up there. Then the question will be will Taman trade away more draft pics in the deal...he has a penchant for it....Grand speculation at this point however :wink:

When Elimimian was in the line-up last season they did play a lot of 3-4. And doesn't Stubler prefer the 3-4?

If I remeber correctly he does but the start of the 2011 season began with the use of the 3-4 and a disasterous start and a change to a 4-3 turned the season around a a Grey cup was the reward.
2012 season the BC defense was on top of the world and along with their offence were the clear cut favorites to win the Grey cup again. Back comes Elilimian and the 3-4 defense and suddenly Calgary became all the rage and BC was clearly out played in the Western final.

In looking more carefully into this I have looked at the BC Roster I have noticed some position changes listed for some players from DT to DE. Jabbar Westerman is now listed as a DE from the DT position that he played last year. Junior Player Steve Doege spent the Season on the Lions practice roster as a DT and is now listed as a DE.
So indde these are some clues that lead to your atatement about playing a 3-4 may indeed what they will be doing.

It's a bit clunky with 3 very good linebackers, but they'll make it work.

The key for Stubler's defense is to give offences mutilple looks. They might see a 4-3, then a 3-4. I don't think there will be a steady diet of one or the other, so for this reason Bighill, Elimimian, and McKenzie are in the picture (although they'd like McKenzie to restructure his deal to make it work).

I can tell you with certainty that Elimimian very much fits into their plans. There was a mutual commitment - he wanted to play in BC and they did everything they could to keep #56 wearing orange and not another team's colours.

Where things get a little murky is on the D-line. Simply put, between the starters and quality PR players, there are too many of them, leading some to believe that Khalif Mitchell is available for the right price.

Two great points you made here. One asking Mckenzie to restructure his deal to make everyone fit into the cap his very unfair to McKenzie who is just the lesser known player but certainly just as good. The Dline is loaded. They did trade Peguese because he was very verbal about being unhappy about his playing time. Not a huge affect but he was also a great specials player for BC. You are right about Mitchell in this case Wally may not get what he wants for Khalif in a trade for Mitchell and may have to accept less. One overlooked player is Doege right now they can still get away with having him on the PR while moonlights for the Sun with one more year left in Junior Ball but next year they may have to decide. It does not happen much put if he ends up on the PR again next year someone may just sign him off the Lions PR. Canadian DTs are all the rage as they make for great Dline rotations and ratio spots being as strong as any import that a team can bring in. getting a little ahead of myself I know

Wow, cflsteve, you know your stuff!

Anton McKenzie is one of the most under-rated defenders in the CFL. Really, the captain of BC's defense; many recognize that it would be hard to give him up, and a 32-year old import linebacker likely wouldn't fetch much in the trade market. But how do you not do your best to keep Solomon Elimimian in the Lions' Den? Lions fans did not want to have to face him on another CFL team + he wanted to stay here. Again, my guess is they'll try to accommodate all 3 linebackers.

As for their defensive line, you have as starters and rotation:

Keron Williams
Khalif Mitchell
Jabar Westerman
Eric Taylor
Khreem Smith
Julius Williams

Plus, they have some intriguing practice roster players:

Brandon Jordan (played some games last year. Raw but impressive)
Maurice Evans
Ekom Uduofia
Steve Doege (a territorial exemption who was an absolute standout in the CJFL's Okanagan Sun)

Maybe Doege will take Yurichuk's roster spot and play special teams this year?

I do not know if it was a mis-print but the Sun Roster has him still having his 5th and final year of eligibility for Junior play. They may want to string him out another season on the practice roster before making the decision to add him to the Active roster in 2014. He is pretty much CFL ready now most likely but with all that depth.
Maurice Evans is the real deal coming out of Penn State and playing since his freshman year exhausted all hi NFL PR eligibilty and the Lions will be the beneficiary of that NFL training.
Jordan went to Illinois but left school early and played in the IFL a lower level to the Arena going the hard route to the CFL both are in prime age at about 25 and just getting started.

I also noticed that jason Arakgi, who has basically been a starting special teams players is now listed at safety for BC. LaRose also still with the Lions started at safety for their 2011 grey cup season but was back to special teams this year. The only two safeties on the roster so far for BC. Will be intersting to see if Larosse starts again or Arakgi can make the move to Safety from reserve LB and special team star to starting safety after 6 seasons.

I say play them both..

With the speed and agility on their linebacking corps as well as a good secondary, a 4-4 would suit the lions just fine.

Right, they have the personnel to really mix it up with 4-3, 3-4, and 4-4 looks depending on down and distance and field position.

It is foolish I think to deal solid players for the sake of any given rigid formation. You are better off to figure out how to shuffle them better.

...You don't keep excess TALENT on your team at one position, especially if they want equal playing time AND you can make a deal for another area on your club that is lacking...Anyone thinking the leos are not looking to fix their weak spots doesn't know Wally... If he can get a quality player, especially for his o line, I think a deal for Elimimian will happen after tc. :wink:

I'm just not sure why the Lions would re-sign him back if this was the case. Why not keep the money if the plan is to trade him all along? Obviously they are planning to incorporate him and Bighill into the defense even if it means switching up the defense.

Green ‘n’ White and Papa both great points though I agree with Green …we’ll see how this shakes out …maybe you want Elimimian in Winnipeg Papa? Certainly I would not blame you.

Mckenzie still had a great season again last year but he is 32. So looking to the future I have no doubt that Mckenzie will be the starter again at Will LB but if he begins to slow Elimian may be able to transition to Will LB. Elimimian may find himself in the same position that Lin J Shell was in last year. He was not a starter but played starter type minutes as he was schemed into a lot of defensive looks and was major on specials also.
With both Elimimian and Bighill being younger the Lions may have the ability not to play McKenzie as much on specials.

Okay it's been three months you slackers! What now only 5 weeks before the first games?

I am not sure that BC would want to mess around and impliment a full 3-4 defense. It may be that the main defense could have Bighill in the MLB position with Elimimian moving to the Weakside. McKenzie is over that age of 30 now and at 32 so it may be mckenzie who you see coming off of the bench as Lin J shell did last year like a Lin J shell did where you could either put Mckenzie in and use some different formations in different schemes but having the younger Bighill MLB and Elimian WILL in for more snaps. Being a very planned out defensewith giving counting number of snaps, series, or specialty situation where all three are in or planned amont of time for BIGHill and Elimian to be off the field for a hand full of series in the first 3 qtrs to keep them fresher deeper into the year. Yhis also enable that all three be on coverage teams without getting overly worn out.
Certainly with Mckenzies age and the signing of the two younger LBs that Elimian may be the one they work hard on early in the season to play Will LB.
3 al star calibre LBs you use them all but in a planned and prepared way