BigGreenMachine /Sambo42 who's your daddy!

Hey BGM, I guess your team did not show up. I believe you were the one that was very vocal about the Riders beating the Stamps. So I guess Hank is your Daddy now! :lol:

Hey Samboooooooo come on down you were also very vocal who is your daddy! :lol:

It was a good game by the Stamps 05, the Rider D just went through the motions in that game. I expected better, but I guess the whole Rider D is content to rest on the laurels of the previous game against the Lions at home.

Ya i was vocal :wink: and always will for my team 8) Hank will never be my daddy :stuck_out_tongue: lets get this straight, the Defence didnt show up! but there apart of the team :cowboy: but i still have that [i]RIDER PRIDE!!! [/i] "the sun has to shine on a dog's a$$ once in awhile :lol: enjoy and congrads :wink:

Thanks Guys and good answers do not lose the faith!

And hey, the Riders tied the game after being down 17-3, don't tell me that did not cause some angst in the hearts of Stamps fans. Next time the Riders just have to put a more complete game together...or have KJ run even more!!!

Not at all this was an automatic 2 points for the Stamps. Where the heck was the coaching on this one. You had to know Thurmon and Burris were going to hook up for a few passes! Rider fans should be afraid very afraid!

Besides we pushed the


As my dad and I watched the game, coming out of the first half I said, "all we have to do is win the second half" to which he replied "but we never do because we always get out-coached." So what do the Riders do? Come out in the second half and get completely out-coached! Not only did our smurf-tastic secondary get out-jumped for a couple touchdowns, but our head smurf (Defensive Co-ordinator) got completely out-coached by Burrato et al.

Pathetic display by our defence, did we even come close to getting a sack all game????

Time to give Greg Marshall a call and make him an offer.