Biggest Upset this week?????????????????????


Which will be the biggest upset this week. ?????????????????????????????????????

my son is really upset because he cant take a free ticket to this weeks lions game because we have special company coming. Thats a pretty big upset.

If we are talking about which game could turn out to be the biggest upset:

I could easily say that I'd be surprised if Winnipeg won on the road, but if they were gonna do it this week they are playing the right team.
My pick would be ALS @ Stamps. The Stamps have a lot of pressure after losing two straight with the last game being slaughter fest at home. They ain't gonna wanna screw around this week. You can bet the team and staff are going to make sure what happened last week doesn't repeat itself... at least not this week :wink: However, I wouldn't be looking at the stars for answers if the ALS managed to win it. It will be tough to put a damper on A.C.'s expected solid performance.

I don't see an upset happening.

Not sure I see it happening, but an Edmonton win over Hamilton would be big news.

Especially if you tie it together with a Winnipeg win over BC, which would knot up the last playoff spot pretty tight.

That would be fun, maybe not for the fans of BC and Ham but certainly for the league :thup: :rockin: :cowboy: :rockin: :thup:

Well, you know what they say, what’s good for the league is good for the team so, umm… Go Edmonton?