Biggest trades

I used to deliver the Spec back in the '50's & '60's and would read the paper as I walked the route. I was always attracted to the Ticat news and can remember a couple of times when there a number of Ticat player portraits over a large news item regarding blockbuster trades. I can't even remember who the players were or which other team was involved, Edmonton or Montreal rings a bell, but I wondered if anyone can remember some of the biggest multi-player trades involving the Ticats, or any other team for that matter. I do remember that some of these trades were quite shocking to the local fans because of the fan loyalty to the favourite players of the day.

Hamilton traded Bernie Faloney and Dan Paquette to Montreal for Sam Etcheverry and Hal Patterson. Etcheverry refused to report to Hamilton, so the Cats kept Faloney and got Patterson for Paquette straight up.

Then a few years later Hamilton did trade Faloney to Montreal, for about half the Alouettes team at the time; I forget the names of the players, but it was a doozy of a deal.

1960 Not the biggest in number of players involved but Etcheverry and Patterson for Faloney and Don Paquette was arguably the most important in team history.
Etcheverry refused the deal but the Cats still got Patterson for a spare part Paquette.
Cats dominated the Big Four for most of the 60s building on that trade and it took the Als over a decade to recover.

I guess you guys agree...

Noteworthy: 1981 Keith Baker and David Green(?) from MTL for the rights to NFL star Vince Ferragamo.Big news at the time.

Obviously Ballard was too cheap to pay Ferragamo big $$ but landed a nifty receiver in Baker for giving up what turned out to be absolutley nothing .

*mightypope will takes us to school on the deatils of any big deals

As an Als' fan, that particular trade does not give me fond memories!

And David Green.........geez I'd forgotten about him. Not a bad running back...but his interviews were agony to try to listen to; his elocution makes Sean Millington sound terrific by comparison...>Green was downright unintelligible most of the time.

Green was a 1000 yd rusher and MOP before he got here but it never worked out.

Baker was the best rec. in the league (all you had to do was ask him)
fun to watch but you were always left wanting more.He was on K/P returns too. Had infuriating habit of running east-west.Once in awhile he'd break one.

have to agree this was good deal for us

i think it was 1967

gerry mcdougall a good fullback in his last years in the game and frank cosentino a home grown quartterback and cathedral grad who went on to be a fantastic university coach..

for billy wayte - a defensive back, bill redell a quarterback and also d-back and ted paige a hell for leather little linebacker.

i think we won that deal hands down

and the 1967 centennial grey cup as a result

*i could be wrong on some of this... put it down to stelco smog.

and the team that frankand gerry went to was the edmonton eskimos

Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't it Grover Covington that we got in the Ferragamo trade? Covington started out in Montreal and we DID receive him in a trade. That much I know.

dont know how you can say ballard was cheap he paid jimmy edwards in 1978 1 million dollars who was the most outstanding player and cfl all canadian allstar in 1977,. maybe he didnt want to get burned twice because j edwards was a bust in 1978

Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't it Grover Covington that we got in the Ferragamo trade? Covington started out in Montreal and we DID receive him in a trade. That much I know.
Yes we did receive Grover from Montreal in that trade.

Nice work. The deal is even more significant.

Speaking of Jimmy Edwards...didn't we get him and Jimmy Jones (QB and not a bad one) from Montreal for Andy Hopkins?

And got that trade right...I remember little #15 and how he seemed to hit anything that moved...I think they moved the goalposts off the goal line to keep him safe

Tom Clements for Deiter Brock.

Faloney and Golston to the Als for Page,Wayte, and Locklin.
Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)

This one has to be Biggest
The was with Montreal 1981
It Brought Covington To Town.

I Don't remember who we sent
Covington Stated his CFL career in 1981 when a pre-season trade with the Montreal Alouettes brought him to Hamilton wh ere he played from 1981 to 1991. Among his many career highlights as defensive end was being named the CFL sack leader in 1988 with 25. Covington is still the CFL's all-time quarterback sack leader with 157 sacks to his credit.

You are correct. In fact we got a whole lot more than Jimmy Edwards and Jimmy Jones.

We got Lewis Cook, Bart Evans and I believe 2 more players for Hopkins

It was a steal of a trade because Hopkins knee problems limited his playing time and career.


It was a six for one deal. Andy Hopkins for QB Jimmy Jones, RB Jimmy Edwards, OG Bart Evans, DB Lewis Cook, DT Gordon Stewart and OT Daryl White.