Biggest trade of all time?

Was recently contemplating trades over the years between teams and wondered which trade was likely the biggest of all time..

The trade that stood out for me beyond all others was the bold swap of all-star Hamilton TiCat pivot Tom Clements to Winnipeg for the equally talented pivot star Dieter Brock in 1983.

Both players were in their prime, all-stars, and by far, the two best QB's in the league at the time.

Post-trade Clements won a Cup a year later, while Brock left the following year for the L.A. Rams, so Winnipeg had the edge in this trade.

Any others that come to mind?

Toronto got Matt Dunigan in a six-for-one trade with B.C. before the 1990 season. One of the six going to B.C. was future Hall of Famer Willie Pless.

And of course there was the eight-for-eight trade between Toronto and Edmonton in 1993. More info on that here:

actually the six-for-one trade from edmonton to bc was bigger re dunigan as the quality of the six given up was insane.

Flutie to the Stamps has to be up there.

I thought Flutie was a free agent at the time?

It doesn’t make sense why BC would trade Flutie to the Stamps after coming off one of the greatest QB seasons in CFL history.

Who did BC get in return?

it was not a trade, but by default, since Barrett now lost his starting job in calgary, he ended up going to BC, where he grossly underacheived compared to the success he had in calgary.

huh? Default? Not sure I follow…

one of two ways. Cant remember which.
Flutie is grabbed by calgary.

1- Barrett is a free agent. BC now needs a QB. Barrett would rather sign to be a starter in bc than play behind flutie.
2- Calgary, already having Flutie, trades Barrett to BC for ???

it was number 2.

“In the 1992 off-season Danny was dealt to the B.C. Lions for OL Rocco Romano and the rights to Jamie Crysdale”

okay, but if Flutie wasn’t traded to Calgary, how did they get him if not through free agency? I’m confused! :?

Come on, everyone...Etcheverry and Patterson for Faloney and Paquette!!!

Crazy kids.... :roll: :lol:

dont be confused, I just explained to you that Flutie was not traded. That left free agency. Just also explained how Flutie going to calgary thru free agency caused a resulting trade in which BC ended up with Barrett to replace Flutie.

no probs…I was confused as I thought we were discussing trades, not free agency signings.


It WAS confusing. The badly kept secret at the time was that the league "strongly suggested" (nudge-wink) to Calgary to trade Danny Barrett to the Lions on the cheap because Pezim (Lions owner) was in trouble and they didn't want the Lions to fold if they stunk the joint out with no QB. Even though Romano was decent at the time, over the years he became a hall of famer. At the time it was considered a lopsided trade in BCs favor.

The biggest trade all time as a straight up big name trade would have to be Brock/Clements.

Of course the Lions traded for Dunigan in '88 when Joe Galat got him from Edmonton mostly for futures which ended up Edmonton having their choice of I think 2 defensive starters the next season, among other things, which decimated the Lions defense.

Then Dunigan went to Toronto in that huge deal, which i believe Rick Johnson was the QB coming the other way, and he refused to report and the Lions had egg on their face again. I remember Johnson claiming that a move to Vancouver would hurt his acting career, which doesn't really wash since half the syndicated TV in north America was filmed here. :stuck_out_tongue:

And also, I believe '93 saw a massive deal between Edmonton and Toronto, where the Argos picked up Tracy Ham for like 8 guys or something ridiculous. Ham failed miserably on TO and Edmonton won the GC.

Wasn’t a trade, Flutie was signed as a free agent and to a personal services contract to the Stamps owner. Total manipulation of the rules, should have not been allowed.

Greatest trade of all time was Tom Scott for Danny Bass. Ok maybe the most one sided trade of all time. No it was definately the greatest trade of all time.

Or maybe it was Jason Maas for future considerations.

As noted earlier in the thread, it was eight-for-eight, unquestionably the largest trade ever in terms of the number of players changing addresses.

There was a trade during the off season between the 1966 & 1967 seasons that had some impressive names.

To Edmonton - Don Sutherin, Frank Cosentino, Gerry McDougall & Billy Wayte
To Hamilton - Tommy Joe Coffey, Bill Redell, Marshall Starks & Ed Turek

4 for4 Trade

A tad off on a tangent. . . how about strange trades?

A few seasons back, Montreal, in an offseason, trades Richard Karikari to Toronto for Keith Stokes.

Before training camp even starts, Montreal releases Stokes, and Toronto releases Karikari.

So what was the point in making that trade, you ask?

I have no idea. . .

willis for bryant.