Biggest surprises/disappointments so far this year

Here are my picks for the biggest suprises/disappointments for the season :

This one is obvious, the 7-3 record of the Riders so far this year. Everyone had questions about the secondary, but overall they have performed well so far--even the ones that are in the lineup due to injuries--the Riders currently have 5 DBs on the disabled list.

The team that has been the biggest disappointment for me are the Eskimos. On paper , it looks like they have a team that should be far better than a 3-6-1 record. I believe the coaching has been terrible, if they miss the playoff again, it may be the coaches who take the fall this time around.

I have a tie for this one, DJ Flick and Kamau Peterson have had comeback seasons for their new teams. Flick has made some amazing catches and Peterson has been a rare bright spot for the Esks. My question is , if they are this good for their new teams this year, how come the Cats didn't take advantage of their talents?

My biggest disappointment has been Geroy Simon. Ive been told that he has been playing hurt, but he doesnt seem to be the clutch or go to guy for the Lions this year. He could be just having an off year, but it seems like he isnt getting open, not making the big play for the Leos.


...those are good selections sambo....I would throw Kevin Glenn in there as a surprize overachiever....and I think everyone assumed the Ticats would be somewhat better than their current record shows...

Your individuals are good picks Sambo.
I think one might add Terrence Edwards to the surprise list.
He has been better than I thought he was. Not quite in the same comeback catagory as Flick and Peterson though.
Michael Bishop has looked good when he has played---and that surprises me.
Only one game, but Marcus Brady surprised the hell out of me yesterday...!
Glenn is doing what I thought he would, so no surprise there.
Joffrey Reynolds has been a bit of a dissappointment, And big brother Edwards seems to be near the end of the line.
Simon--no doubt there.
The entire Calgary receiving corp.

Regarding teams, I am only mildly surprised at the Riders.
As you well know, I expected them to be where they are. I am however surprised they are living up to expectations. And Kent has surprised me as to the type of coach he has been.
Montreal has been the big surprise in the East.
We'll see how they survive without Cavillo.
In the West, I have been surprised by the Leos.
Lots of talent, but I think they have handled injury and Grey Cup hangover better than I thought.
Maybe the adversity of losing DD has balanced out the hangover.

Calgary for sure. Evidence the fact I have half their players on the dissapointment list.
I thought they'd challenge for 1st all year. And maybe they still will.
But they've been terrible at times, and only just adequate the rest.
The biggest dissapointment has been Hamilton.
I actualy called them to make the play-offs. Now that was qualified by how good TOs QBing was--and as Bishop has been a surprise...
But they didn't need to be much better than they are and the play-offs would be right there for them.
I've never been a Jason Maas fan, but even I never thought he could be that brutal 2 years in a row. And what were they thinking releasing Rocky and going with Chang as #2? He might be great someday, but right now, that day is way in the future.

Anyway, there are a few of my thoughts....

My sentiments too Sambo. Glenn is proving me wrong with his performance this year.

The Ti-cats have been a big disappointment. I never figured them to be this bad. Can Printers turn them around?????

....Surprize....Riders attaining the position and quality of team they're enjoying right now....and the time it took Austin and Tilman to get them there

.....Calgarys disappointing showing early in the year ...though they seem to be coming around a bit now

....Individual basis....definitley Kamu Incompleterson...can't call him that anymore...he has really turned things around...Kevin Glenn and the huge turn around he has had ...from a so-so-qb... to a guy who has star written all over him general...the way clubs have addressed....and seem to be keeping the salary management system a priority....(though we won't know officially till the teams are audited)

Not this year I dont think...

I agree jman, Hamilton needs to get a better "Supporting cast" for Printers. Linemen, receivers that can hold onto the ball are two areas that immediately comes to mind.

Yeah, that would definately help

I like some of the other choices, Glenn defintiely has become a star in this league , IMO. Although it will be interesting to see what happens when Stegall retires. I dont count the Cats as a disappointment, they are right where I thought they would be.

Marc Boerigter not working out in Calgary was a huge disappointment, but the improved play and attitude of Jermaine Copeland is a very nice surprise.

All the injuries to the BC Lions who would have imagined that the Grey Cup Champions would be down to their thrid string QB at Labor day.

Thanks red, remember he said it not me!

Well RLR, we all acknowledge that the Lions have injuries, its the fact that you keep whining about it week after week that annoys the rest of us!

Biggest disappointments are Toronto and Calgary. Before this season, sportbooks name them as favourites to finish first in their divisions. Biggest surprises are Saskatchewan and Winnipeg. Both teams ranked third by sportbooks.

I dont think Winnipeg is that big of a uprise... I thought they'd be 2nd at the worst..

Geroy Simon gets the underachiever award and K Petersen the overachiever award.

I thought the overachiever award would have went to Derek Armstrong...

Terrence Edwards maybe, but Armstrong ? Let's not even joke about that sambo, next to Milt, DA is money.

Maybe Ian Smart as a surprise this season, he is leading the league in all-purpose yards but almost 400.

Good pick rlr, smart is becoming the most dangerous return man in the game.