Biggest road of the season

Was thinking these final 7 games are gonna decide where we end in the standings. The game this week will tell how we match up for back to backs against toronto and montreal the last game against bombers can be the game that is the cherry on top to a strong finish. In my eyes first place and home field is very doable but for sure host the semi final. That being said let's finish hard one game at a time and the grey cup is not outta site. Any thoughts to add feel free.

Actually the final six games of the 2013 season and Yes we are into the home stretch when teams start vying for the playoffs but much is still open as to where the Cats will finish but probably second place they would really need to improve their offensive attack and overall team play to make a push for first place in the East.

A decisive win against Calgary at Guelph this coming Saturday would be a good start and back to back wins against the Argo's could give the Cats an opportunity to try for first place but I feel they will probably split the remaining games and end up 3-3.

This seems to be the trend this year for the young Cat team, unless they really decide to win and play a full game of football and not sit on a lead than maybe they could have a shot at first place but I think second spot and a home game in Guelph is more realistic.

Montreal has to be concerned they are only 2 points up on Edmonton at present, and the Eskies as a potential wild card crossover team and Winnipeg is still in the hunt at 4 points back but highly unlikely the way they have been playing and the game of "guess who will be the next QB"?

Lets see if the Cats can pull out a Win against Calgary in Guelph!


To have a shot a finishing first you need to sweep the argos. one loss and the regular season title is likely theirs. to finish second one win against the als should just about do it but judging from that first matchup the als will not be an easy prey come playoff time, assuming they don't fall to edmonton and/or winnipeg.

Hheres lookin for a 4 n 2 record and the argos stop there fourth quater comeback wins

I admire the optimism but second seems more realistic. No one is going to catch the Argos who are beating good western teams minus Ray, Kackert and Owens. Those three will return to give them a strong surge going into the playoffs.

An Argo-Cat fan