Biggest NFL bust

I just heard that JaMarcus Russell was released by the Raiders. I laughed! :lol:

Guess he better print up a resume, and hit the fast food joints in his neighbourhood. :stuck_out_tongue:

He has made 40 million already off of 2 miserable years and one holdout year.

Did something snap in Al Davis' head he is actually making sound decisions this year.

The question is moot as even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

For example Davis thinks amongst his current receiving corp, as always just because they have speed, that he has found the next Cliff Branch. :roll:

Al Davis needs to be put in a home...

cliff who???

i think ryan leaf is the bigger bust.

How much was Leaf paid? And when was he drafted?

hmm probably 1st or 2nd overall and i know he got a sweet bonus. something like 40 million guaranteed.

i just say leaf is the bigger bust cuz i heard he was arrested and got 8 years probation and cant leave the state of texas.

jamarcus is a huge bust too but i just think unless he gets arrested like leaf did and charged, theres no comparison.

leaf went down down down........

jamarcus i guess still has a chance at sorta salvaging his carreer still.

Hmm. I suppose he would be the bigger bust. :lol: As for JaMarcus, I can't see any team taking a chance on him...

Chief I'm surprised you don't remember the Leaf story. It was a toss up between him and Manning who was going to be # 1. Pollian said he had Manning all the way but other teams had it the other way. (think how bad that would of been taking him over Peyton you'ld be forever remembered.) Leaf went second and the rest is history.
So if Russell got 39 million and won 7 games I believe they paid him over 5 million a win. I heard a rumour Hamilton was going to try to negotiate with him. As the guy said "forget money they should just bring a pizza"

I conpletely forgot about that, Snoopy. You're right.

lol @ bring a pizza. God... that guy needs to develop some work ethic if he has any desire to continue playing football. I hope to hell Hamilton doesn't court him.

Someone posted in one of these threads that actually he will settle for two Whoppers if you drive a bargain with him.

No doubt Chief and I posted many times in that regard on the Ti-Cats forum also for the good of the entire CFL to counter the line apparently making its rounds in perhaps someone's local media including it sounds like in Hamilton: "But he has a strong arm you know and ..." :thdn:

Geez the power of a short attention span despite all the evidence of Davis' hapless experience along those lines as well! :roll:

Someone else will probably chime in with something like, "Well maybe he just needs a fresh start ..." and other mindless parroting.

I don't know how to upload videos but if you want to watch something hilarious go to youtube and type in Hitler phones Ryan Leaf

Russell is a bigger bust than Leaf. Leaf didn't get anywhere near the amount that Russell got. Leaf's entire contract wasn't as much as Russell's guarantee.

The only thing Leaf has going for him to retain the #1 spot on the list is that the Chargers gave up a lot to trade up to get him, I think it was two 1st round picks and some players (Eric Metcalf may have been one of them). I'd say it's close, but I'll give the #1 overall pick who stole $40 million over the #2 pick who pocketed around half that the title of biggest bust.

FYB as you google lists of trivia I am certain you could Wiki it. :stuck_out_tongue: Davis' next attempt to find the next Cliff Branch is this Darius Heyward-Bey.

In other news of the miserably failing Raider tradition that goes well beyond draft busts like Russell, even though they have the best fight song of all time (WARNING, do not listen to when drinking alcohol or you might be tempted to play pirate for real!)

here are one looming draft bust in Heyward-Bey and yet another serious underperformer already relative to his high-round pick as well.

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There is no bust ever worse than Ryan Leaf. As bad as Russell may be he is not at Leaf's level. No one ever will be.

What is the reason for your stance? I think Russell is far and away the bigger bust, but I'd like to hear the case for Leaf. At worst it makes for a nice little debate while we all wait for training camp to start. The floor is now yours.

Leaf only ever won 2 games in 2 years. Russell won 8 in 2 years. NFL Films also made a top 10 draft busts show and Leaf was #1.

Many don't remember much from 94 but he was bad bad bad. Add another few bads on there.

Great points to vote for with regard to Leaf all the same, but your reference to that show by NFL Films has no legitimate standing in this debate because of course Russell could not be included in its production obviously.

Financially already Russell is the biggest bust, but at only 24 years old the jury I say is out on if he manages one of the biggest bust comebacks of all time. Nevertheless I remain highly doubtful given a consistent lack of work ethic, but hey even the likes of Mike Tyson and Michael Vick made their way back though not to previous levels of peformance so ...

Other relevant evidence for your point of view for Leaf to have been a bigger bust if any?

Did you miss the part where I stated that Leaf has 2 career wins vs Russellā€™s 8.

In 98 when he was drafted 2nd overall he was given a 31 million dollar contract and 11 million signing bonus. 42 million in 98 is about 50 now.