Biggest News 2017: By Team

hmmm...what are the guesses per team:

BC: Biggest news is no news. Status Quo
Edmonton: Fire Benevides. Hire Thorpe. Trade Franklin
Calgary: Cut Tate even though awaiting BLM leaving to NFL
Sask: Release Durant.
Winnipeg: Lose O'Shea. Hire Milanovich. Keep Nichols
Toronto: Fire Milanovich. Hire O'Shea. Get Durant
Ottawa: Lose a lot of FA because of money demands especially at receiver
Hamilton: major shifts in coaching. Austin steps away from Coaching
Montreal: hire Sunderland as GM..they keep Chapdelaine. Get Franklin. Hire Tommy Condell as OC.

Austen stepping away would be huge. What's your thinking there?

I think if Ottawa releases Chris Williams, his signing somewhere else will constitute big news....I'd probably guess it'd be Toronto.

Austin stepping away from coaching would allow Hamilton to promote Steinauer and keep him from bolting, maybe?

Stepping away to what ? Tillman is the GM. This only works if they ship Tillman out. I don't see any GM opening in Toronto yet anyway.

For BC, it's the potential for sale of the club to heat up in 2017. At least, we should be aware of the interested parties (rumoured to be locals Francesco Aquilini and investment banker David Sidoo, formerly of the Roughriders).

Of course, all of this hinges of David "Willie" Braley (as in "will he" or "won't he" when it comes to selling his CFL franchises - he always leaves us guessing).

The club desperately needs an infusion of fresh blood, innovative ideas, and savvy strategies. But of course, Mr. Braley says he'll sell when the time is right for him and the best deal comes about. No rush (a refrain CFL fans are very familiar with). :roll:

''Austen stepping away would be huge. What's your thinking there?"-PTO Dave

PTO Dave: (Sorry my quote functions seemed to have disappeared)- I just have a feeling that Austin is on his last coaching legs in Hamilton and a couple of things he's been quoted as saying. He said that they will be doing a full audit of all ops including himself and that he wants Steinhauer to stay with a promotion if necessary. That he trusts him.
KA just seems so "out of sorts" on the sidelines angry and targets officials (and maybe they target him too?). He looks like he has lost the joy in a way. I just would not be shocked if he moves aside to both keep Steinauer and to relieves the pressure.

Condell walked away under strange circumstances as well and I'm making an assumption that KA was a reason for it. So as I say...just a feeling after watching all year. Could be off base and I have no sources :wink:

Abscess Media knows.