biggest mistake....

over these recent terrible years, what would you say is the biggest mistake made by the organization

mines a tie between firing greg marshall after that slow start


letting armour go to calgary, with such a young defense we definatly should have kept him around

Jason Maas.

trading zeke moreno

We’ll see how the Moreno trade pans out before I pass judgment on it. Trading for Jason Maas is definitely up there.

What about the signing of Timm Rosenblah? He last a half of a season and even had a whole bunch of tshirts made up with his picture on it.

I’m going to say Timm! (Zeke is just a shock to me right now, just so po’d with this whole organization)

how about running AC out of town, i realize if he stayed DMac might not have come but we would still have had a Grey Cup calibre QB and more longevity

i can't complain what dmac did here, he was older than ac but if you count success in grey cup rings, we are tied at one a piece

DJ Flick?

There are too many to pick just one.

Replies to this question are like Lay's Potato Chips.

You can't have just one.

Troy and Joe going to the Eskimos!

I'm am too hot headed over the Zeke trade right now. But the way I feel that WILL turn out to be the biggest boneheaded move of any team in any sport of all time. Give your head a shake Obie!!!

it's not just about talent for talent. zeke was the guy we could have built a young defence around and this will definitely come back to haunt us, you will see.

I am sticking with firing Greg Marshall he did so much more with a team with far less potential and was fired after a slow start after being named Coach of the Year a season earlier. Stupid..

Steeltown: I agree with you. He's still proving that he's a winner.

spending too much money on printers that could have been used on more needed upgrades elsewhere.

Nuff said!!

Jason Goss Trade..

We got nothing from it

Turning a blind eye to DeAngelis when he walked into camp is up there. Not knocking Setta but DeAngelis is great also and as a Canadian would help in the ratio game.

Hanging on too long to Jason Maas and Charlie Taafe were the biggest mistakes.
You have to hand it to the Blue team....they realized early they had a problem and then stepped in right away and did something about it.

assuming printers was worth $500,000 a year ... and that he was going to play as well as he did for BC