Biggest improvement

I think it was the O-line.

They allowed Maas to play a good game, and they opened some Nice holes for Jesse.

What do you guys think was Ti-Cats' biggest improvement?

Peter Dyakowski looked great
was glad to see the kid Finaly get his Chance.

Who played well in the secondary last nite & who screwed up?

The O-Line really looked like they were all on the same page at key points last night. They will only get better when Hudson and Cheron return from injury. Dyakowski and Marcoux are rookie of the year material.

I also have nothing but good things to say about our D-Line, especially Bekasiak and Reid. They are beasts out there, stuffing the run all over the place. Collier is also a relentless pass-rusher. And remember, McKay, who is our best D-Lineman, didn't even play last night.

And we finally have a linebacking corps! Moreno, in particular, is an all-star, giving it his all on every play.

The defence was confused early but played well for 3 quarters. The offence finally put some roll outs in to take pressure off the O-line.
Over all every unit improved, but I think the receivers finally got some game breaking plays under their belt to make them the most improved.


I think the recevers are the ones that cost us the game with crucial drive ending drops. There were several.

I attribute the improvement in their receiving numbers to the improved play of the O-line which bought time for both Maas and the recievers.