Biggest game of the year.

Its absolutely going to show if this team has the character to
win it all. Im not so worried about the win, but lets see some

That labour day game was embarrassing, we werent prepared at
all to compete. In this league, i dont care how much talent
you have, you cant just show up and expect to win.

The only thing that matters to me is that they peak late in the season.

Agreed, as long as they can hang on to 3rd I believe they can be dominant IF they show up to play.

They will bounce back just like they did in the return match with Sask. A few things snowballed the last game and it got out of control, and now today we also find out Dickensen did not have his full marbles for part of the game too. He's going on the 9 game injured list for concussion symtoms again. Time to hang 'em up Dave!

I have a baaaad feeling about tonights game. I just don't the Stamps have their crap together.

Throw in a injured Burris + sloppy "D" that spells disaster against a hot Smoes club.

I'm sure the game will have the local black out in effect so I'll have to listen on the radio

NO black out it is in Edmonton please tell me your not a prisoner in Edmonton are you. Any ex Calgary stuck up there is a prisoner. LOL

Alas it is true. I am a prisoner in Smoe land, actually St.Albert, but close enough. The only thing worse than a blacked out game is when I go to the game and the Stamps stink in front of 40,000 smoe fans.

Thats the worst , tucking tale and leaving.