Biggest gaffe since the Riders too many men penalty IMO

Wow! Someone on the Ti-Cat team needs to be canned for this! I put the blame on the coaches.

Haha I just posted the exact same thing in the game thread lol. I find it funny because Montreal is always on the good side of stuff like that!

Someone on the Ti-Cats is thanking whatever god he prays to right now that they didn't end up losing because of that time count call.

For what. Its the holders fault he didn't signal for the snap

You're scared. .I can see it in your post!!!!

I think the biggest gaffe was Suitor and Cuthbert mentioning only 3 teams have ever threepeated. They put the hex on Montreal. :smiley:

If anything I'm more confident than ever about next week. We'll see how good the Ti-Cats are when they go up against an actual defense.

LOL.. a defense that has disappeared.. and now appears on milk cartons everywhere since game 8 of the regular season?!?!????

Against a team that has now put up over 50 points on two occasions now and over 40 on two other against a Bomber team that hasn't scored more than 33 points in a game? That's not confidence that's hiding ones head in the sand... :lol:

Oh? Hamilton has lost all three games to the Bombers this year. In two they were dominated by the Winnipeg defense. In all three a Winnipeg pick 6 made a huge impact in Winnipeg's win. Hamilton will not be able to play pitch and catch against Winnipeg's D like they did with Montreal's. Until Hamilton can solve Swaggerville's D, the 40 points you put up against any other team doesn't count for much.

Couple that with the fact that apparently Hamilton's D can't seem to stop anybody and I feel better than ever about my team's chances in the East Final.

on the other side, ticat defense doesnt have to deal with an offense that puts up more than 24 pts a game.


Buck always seems to play well after he comes back from some rest though and our receiving core (as were most across the league of course) was playing pretty beat up, so the extra week off that Hamilton didn’t get should help. With Winnipeg’s D and Hamilton looking vulnerable on their own side of the D I’m confident we will put up enough points.

If BC makes it to the cup, then I want revenge against wpg. If alberta goes to the cup, then I want ticats.

To bad the eastern game is first. Makes it hard to know who to cheer for. Guess it will depend on how much confidence I have in the lions :slight_smile:


forever the optimist....punch for punch.. Winnipg loses this game!!...

We GAVE you 2 wins during your bloated 7 and 0 start... make no mistake.. what we did to Montreal today.. we will do to the Bummers

You gave us two wins? What does that mean?

A comprehension problem I see.. no worries I understand. .the Winnipeg School Board System is one of the lower end in the country.... so it isn't really YOUR fault!

No need to go personal.

I didn't.. I blamed the school board....?

dont pay any attention to what any ticat fan posts. They dont even have proper due respect for dunigan in the booth.

Is that all you've got? For a joke account (I can only hope/assume) you could troll a lot better.