What has been the biggest diappointment so far this season:

a.) Winterpeg Blue Bombers

b.) Casey Printers play

c.) Troy Westwood getting cut

d.) B.C. Lions

e.) Rod Black's Play by play calling

f.) Michael Bishop's pouting.

g.) New Montreal coach not understanding the ROUGE yet!

h.) Henry Who's inconsistency

I.) Danny M.'s facial expressions on the sidelines in Edmonton.

J.) The Riders allowing teams to get close to winning games against them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :rockin:

Is this for real?

Anyway, as a Winnipeg based fan I would have to go with the Bombers play so far this year. Extremely disappointing.

Actually scratch that. As disappointing as the Bombers have been, the officiating this year has been even more so. Change my vote to:

K.) The god-awful officiating.

My biggest disappointment, though I'm not at all surprised, is that some people pay more attention to the refs than they do to the actual games.

my biggest dissappointment is coming on here and seeing constant and inappropriate ref bitching by ignorant fans who know nothing about what it is like to actually ref, or, in some cases, even be human.

Actually, scratch that. Make it my second.

My biggest dissappointment has been the lack of forum improvements that I was expecting to take place before this season, ever since the end of last season. Specially when it was indicated that they were going to make improvements way back in early spring. Seems like they just sitting on their asses doing nothing.

My third biggest is all injuries to starters across the league.

gotta be the blue blunders play with a 1-5 start

then the piss pot officiating. and football and rp please don;t hate on my second choice. i am a huge football fan and love watching as many cfl games as i can but the officiation this year is so far worse then the previous few. although i do like they are ruling more in favor of recivers and surviving contact with ball control. i like seeing the deep ball completed more often.

....scratch the Winnipeg Blue Bombers... :thdn:

What an ignorant statement.

I actually think the officiating is way better this year than in previous years. How many calls have been overturned compared to last year? Seems like far fewer.

The reason the officials stand out more this year is because all the games are much closer so close calls are having an impact on the game.

oh, and I take option A.

If i didn't have a mute button for the TV, Rod Black wins,, Henry Prima Donna Burris gets my vote on this one.....poor, poor Henry B.

I bet you say that about anybody who disagrees with you.

I.) Danny M.'s facial expressions on the sidelines in Edmonton.

My choice :wink:

a.) Winterpeg Blue Bombers

I thought the Bombers would be better than they have been this year.

Cant comment until this one is explained

I agree Trestman is a great coaching addition in the CFL. Proved many people wrong this season.

Why not just edit all your comment into one post instead of using up a whole page

because I didnt feel like it.

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