Biggest comeback in history?

Thanks to you as well Mike!

A great Tiger Cat comeback, one which, to me, was the most exciting ever to involve the Tiger Cats, because it was a playoff game, occured in the 1964 Eastern playoff final, which was a 2 game total score event, at the time. After Hamilton lost the first game in Ottawa 30 - 13, and fell behind a further 6 points in the second quarter, they stormed back to outscore Ottawa in the remaining minutes (2 quarters + a part of a quarter) 26-1 to win the 2 game total by one point, 39-38. Each team scored only 1 point each in the final quarter. If you were there, surely you are a gramps today?

Tiger Cats lost 34 - 24 in the Grey Cup that year in a Grey Cup rematch with BC. The previous year They had beaten BC, 21 - 10, the game which saw the infamous hit by Ang Mosca on Willie Fleming, that put All Star Fleming out of the game.

we look at Regular season and Playoff as 2 separate seasons so its the single best come back for a regular season game

So be it. That leaves the 1964 playoff against Ottawa as the greatest most entertaining and important big comeback win in Tiger Cat playoff history. :lol:

While the 1964 playoff win against Ottawa was great, the biggest comeback win in Tiger-Cat playoff history was the 1986 final against Toronto. Larger point differential to overcome plus the fact that they WON the Grey Cup that year.