Biggest CFL Trade in Years - beckons . . .

Hamilton & BC - two arch-enemies of the CFL

I think Jon Jennings time in a Lions uniform has come and gone. His progression seems to have halted - even regressed. Obviously regressed.

Time for a trade - and ensuing discussion…

Jennings for Johnny Football (Manziel)??

BC gets a tour de force guy who can only increase ticket sales and media talk on the left coast. Hamilton gets an athletic but under-trained QB who can manage short yardage and learn under Jerry Masoli & June Jones.


I actually think the Lionsmight have to ship another asset (or two) to the Leos for Manziel - perhaps a couple draft picks in future years, conditional if Manziel continues playing in the CFL. Or pick up part of Jenning’s salary - as the full salary might put Hamilton OVER the cap!

I don't think teams are allowed to retain salary in a trade in the CFL

BC's 2019 1st round pick is owned by WPG, so that is out
They might consider something like, Jennings, Rainey and Vandervoort plus a pick,
June Jones has full control of ALL player personnel, He had it written into his 3 year contract and IMHO he would not be a big fan of trading Manziel

Let's see how Lulay does first.

Lulay is neither the problem nor the solution - he's an established CFL vet with a great track record in the W/L department; albeit a fragile body. He's 33/34 so he's obviously not the future of the Lions.

That's the question. Is it Jennings? Manziel? Other?

Jennings is now a broken young stallion. A change of venue, albeit backing up Masoli in a winning program is prolly better for him than playing 2nd or 3rd string to the Gingerbread Man in Vancouver.

Neither guy wants to be shipped to Montreal. That's a career-breaker, not maker. Manziel would energize the low-key football media in Vancouver to be sure. And Jennings might be able to salvage his flagging career in a winning Hamilton program as Masoli's caddy. WIN WIN I say - but I think BC would have to ship other assets to gets June Jones to bite . . . .

Manziel is probably only going to be in the CFL for two years, so its doubtful he can be the future for any team, never mind the fact he has yet to play a down in a regular season game.

A winning program... when did Hamilton last win the Grey Cup?

What is in it for Hamilton ?

Maybe for a boat load of cash for all the work the Cats put in and to offset all the Cat's fans ticked off they made such a move .

That's maybe one of the biggest problems in the league . Let the competitive side remain just that competitive .

None of this charity and social equalization of talent stuff that turns fans off of the league .

That Ray trade to Toronto was not exactly seen as a normal business transaction .

In terms of value it has done nothing but actually may of hurt the leagues image to some .

If anything Wally is well known for having the ability to some how find QB's .
Let this happen by natural means .

If the last part of your post is true - why not trade a beached asset - while he still has trade value vs. eventually cutting him loose - FOR NOTHING?

I agree with trading him . I Just don't think there is anything for Hamilton .

Maybe Jennings for something in Montreal or Regina . Ottawa maybe ?


I think Jennings has been marked down via his benching vs. a weak defense like Winnipeg. He actually made a weak defense look good last week.

So trading him to Montreal, Regina or Ottawa puts Jennings in a bad position (particularly the first two) - as an expected starter. At least in Ottawa he'd be behind the increasingly failing Trev Harris.

But Hamilton, that's a different kettle of fish. A now-proven starter who may be the best QB in the CFL right now (sorry Hatman) gives Jennings the time to re-set and grow as a back-up. Fresh coaches, fresh players, new opportunity. Hamilton is the right place for him - but only if, as you say June Jones is willing to pull the trigger!

But Hamilton doesn't need him they like all three of their guys . They just gave up Adams for nothing . They like Evans and Manziel is a hype hope with great insurance .

Jennings in Montreal with an open season of try outs might work .

Regina is not happy with their guys but they just went out and picked up a guy on their own so they maybe out .

Ottawa and Harris is a work in progress . Harris keeps crapping out against good D
so is it's the off coordinator or the QB ? Maybe both . Just not sure they see Jennings as a good fit . My hope or wish is they go after O'Connor in the draft and see if they can bring some Canadian magic to the capital . They will need a good QB whisperer that can get him developed as he has the Canadian game and size going for him .

I'm old enough to remember Joe Kapp & Willy Fleming vs. Angela Mosca in '63 & '64'; perhaps you're not?

Definitely before my time.
I started following CFL in the 1970s.

Glad I asked and glad you informed me of those times.
I've never known the Lions and Tiger-Cats to be fierce rivals.

That was really only a one-way hate going on there. And it's only the old timers who hold a grudge still.

You still haven't really answered the big question here. What's in it for the Ticats? Why would they even consider this trade?

If one assumes the Ticats are going to challenge Edmonton or Calgary for the Cup this year - perhaps no, they need Manziel as their backup - especially if something untoward were to happen to Masoli.

From a pure team mix viewpoint - Jennings makes more sense as a caddy for an up 'n coming team vs. bottom 3 club like BC (as Lulay's caddy)

Manziel's willingness to extend his CFL career is the wild card. Does he want to take over a team or is he just here to park his butt in a safe place while waiting NFL assignment?

I think this potential trade rewards both teams and both players with something that upgrades both teams!

You took the words out my mouth, Hank. That's two times today. ;D

How has Toronto or BC ever helped another team ? And thereby helped the league. Enough of this crap or else why bother having different teams. Just one big happy family, eh ?

Hamilton should keep everything they get. I've never seen any team help them out.

Hey Lyle, didn't you continually blame Richie Hall for the 'weak' defense ? I didn't realize the problem was deeper. Please enlighten all of us.

Hey we gave them Casey Printers;p

I thought I might get some flak. I didn't expect humour. ;D Good one, rshmglsky !