Biggest CFL Blowouts?

Couldnt find the stat... Are we on pace to set the record? Whats the largest deficit in a CFL game?

I’ve been following since 1971 and don’t ever recall a loss like this

When I was a kid in the late 50s I seem to recall Sam Etchevery and the Als running up something like 70 points. No idea what Hamilton scored.

Rick Zamperin?Verified account @rickzamperin 2m2 minutes ago
Worst loss ever... Montreal beat Hamilton 82-14 in 1956

YUP, we are 9 points better than the worst ever...YEAH!!!

And it was 82-7 at the end of the 3rd quarter...

'Course, the next week, we beat the same team 50-14, and led that game 42-0 at one point...or so my Dad told me...