Biggest Busts that played for the Ticats

  1. Vince Ferragamo QB
    1B. Anthony Calvillo QB
  2. Casey Printers QB
  3. Jason Maas QB
  4. Johnny Manziel QB
  5. Dylan Barker DB
  6. Mark Chapman WR
  7. Samuel Giguere WR
    8 Craig Butler DB ( Injury )
    9 Quinton Porter QB
    10 Stevie Baggs DE
  8. Jesse Lumsden ( injury) Rb
    12 David Green RB
  9. Lyndon Gaydosh DT
  10. Simione Rottier OT
  11. Johnny Sears DB
  12. Tim Rosenback QB
    17 Khari Jones QB
    18 . Preschae Rodriquez WR
  13. John Chick DE
  14. Dom Mcpherson QB
  15. Josh Ranek RB
  16. Julian Radlein RB ( Early retirement
  17. Garret Mcyntire DT { left to NFL )
    24 Tay Cody DB ( Demanded Trade)
    23.Davonte Coleman DT ( Shipped out of town for fighting with players too often )
    24 Zeke Moreno ( Butted heads with management…forcing horrible trade )
  18. Fred Plesius LB
  19. Maurice Mann WR
  20. Ed Gainey DB
  21. Kenton Keith RB
    28 Corey Holmes RB/ SB
    29 Chris Baumann SB
  22. Timmy Chang QB
    31 Moe Petrus OL. ( QUIT FOOTBALL)
    32 Eddie Steele DT
  23. Connor Mcgeough DE
    34 Evan Gill DT
    35 Beau Landry LB
    36 Ryan Hinds DB
    37 Jamie Armstead WR
  24. Will Hill DB ( NFL STARTER IN Baltimore BUT A PROBLEM CHILD )

I really had high hopes for Lumsden but too bad he ran straight up without his head down leadibg to concusions… I thought Casey Printers
was going to be a star and Baumann, Giguere and Chapman as great national receivers and Gaydosh a beast in the middle of the dline and Butler and Barker looked like great national dbs.
Stevie Baggs and John Chick were not as good as they were in SASK and Mann looked like a great athletic receiver and Fred Plesius looked to be a ratio buster at LB.
As Bob Obilovich told me , you can make all the right moves and picks but far too often the player flops or is not a good fit.
Alot of these guys fit in that category.

You managed to put Lumsden on the list of best players and biggest busts.

I never thought of Cavillo as a bust. I remember being very upset when he was traded as I thought he was going to be very good. If my memory isn’t too fuzzy, he had a revolving door of receivers, many of whom weren’t any good. I was amazed at how good he was given the lack of talent around him. I said to my dad at the time that if they ever put any talent around him, watch out.

Hi Crash,

Well when Lumsden hitvhis pick he was as good as a national running back to ever play in the cfl. in skydome i recall him running so fast that the camera didn’t keep up with him. I think he like say Eric Lindros played great when healthy…vut unfortunately his career was cut short. In hindsight , I guess he belongs on the busts lists only.

Hi Rockball, I think Calvillo did not meet our expectations in Hamilton thus a bust in Hamilton and then becomes a hall of famer in Montreal …I guess that’s why I see him as a bust with Hamilton… One can argue that he wasn’t a bust bases on his ok performance in Hamilton and super performance in Montreal.
He likely should be removed fron the list

2 and 3 for me !
Printers union big mouth and
Radar ears the ultimate pussycats!

Biggest Busts that played for the TiCats

You lost me at putting Maas and Calvillo ahead of Manziel. Manziel never even took a snap as a Ticat, but Maas and Calvillo actually played, and even had bits of success. AC had two 500+ yard games for the Ticats in 96.

And Vince Ferragamo was never a Ticat. Are you just making up these thoughts with no real information to back them up? The issue is that you post these things with little to no info to back them up, then you wonder why people don’t take you seriously.

I was so excited when we traded for the rights to Timmy Chang.

I thought he would be the next Tom Clements.

Shows how much I know.

Certainly a stretch, but the Cats held Ferragamo’s rights before trading them to Nelson Skalbania.

Mark Chapman…

Did Chesty Morgan ever play for the Cats? :o

If you don’t know who this is, DON’T look it up!

Remember ‘the Chang Gang’… oh Russ, that was your worst call.

Technically Mark Champan never really played for the Ti-Cats.

Lumsden is not really considered a bust, injuries happen. A bust is a player that is so hyped up coming, but never produces on the field. When Lumsden was on the field he produced.

Every single QB you listed could be considered a bust.

Radlein was a fullback, his main job was to block. It’s not his fault he did not put up much in the way of stats. Was he picked too high in the draft for his position? Yes

Hinds was a good cornerback when he was here, didn’t have many interceptions, but was good in coverage. He should never have been converted to safety.

Zeke Moreno was a very good MLB from what I can remember.

Our 2007, 2008 and 2009 first round picks never lived up to their hype. Bauman’s best season here, he had 588 yards. Bekasiak was a roatation DT, that eneded up converting to G. Barker looked good, but back spasms forced him to retire. Gigure only had 1500 yards in his career. Rottier was average here, but played just above average in Edmonton. Darcy Brown was a SB in college and became a FB in the pros. Our best pick during those years came in the 5th round of 2007 (Chris Getzlaf), but we ended up shipping him away.

I would add Abdul Kanneh, who was supposed to be a big off-season signing in 2017 but spent most of the year on the injured list.

Biggest Busts on the OP’s list of Biggest Busts:

  1. Listing people that never played on the team: Chapman, Ferragamo (obviously)

  2. Completely missing some actual high-profile busts: Abdul Kanneh (thanks Mike Pearson), Terry Vaughn (ended his consecutive 1,000-yard streak with us), Sandro DeAngelis (did he ever play again?), Rocky Butler (Marcel’s Folly, traded a starting WR and a 1st overall to get him, cut him before the season), maybe guys like Chris Brazzell and Kamau Peterson

  3. Calling successful players “busts”: McIntyre (played well enough to get to the NFL - was Eric Harris also a “bust”?), John Chick (CFL all-star with HAM), Craig Butler (two-time all-star with HAM), Tay Cody (our MOP nominee from the DB position)

  4. Calling guys “busts” who played the role we asked them to, just because they didn’t become Mike O’Shea or Andy Fantuz: Ryan Hinds (rare Cdn who started at CB), Julian Radlein (Eastern rookie of the year, 5-year career, 19 rushing TDs as a fullback!)

  5. Calling guys “busts” who came here with no real expectations, and therefore could not possibly have failed to meet those expectations: Rodriguez, Coleman, Moreno, Gainey

  6. Listing a player who was actually set to play a game for the team the very same day of the post: Connor McGough (can’t possibly know what his legacy will be)

7)Assigning concussions to poor Jesse Lumsden (I think he had just about every kind of injury except that one)

  1. Not bothering to look up proper spelling: Preschae, Mcgeough, “Dom” McPherson,Simione, Rosenback,“Jamie” Armstead.

Other than that … great list!

Next level posting.

Westerman might just deserve a placing on your list

Does Chris Williams deserve a mention?
Didn’t he open everybody’s eyes, only to shut it down after 1 season and say I’m a star and I deserve more!

Two seasons, wanted out of the team option, whined and complained enough to get his way, bounced around NFL practice rosters, scored a kickoff return in Chicago but Trestman cut him the next day, back to the CFL and played OK for BC, tore his ACL, rehabbed, was so-so in MTL, traded here, ruptured his Achilles in his 3rd? game here last year, and hasn’t played since.