Biggest Blowouts in Grey Cup History

...and where will Montreal in 2009 rank on that list?

_1. 1923 Queen's(!) 54 Regina 0
_2. 1913 Hamilton 44 Toronto Parkdale 2
_3. 1990 Winnipeg 50 Edmonton 11
_4. 1980 Edmonton 48 Hamilton 10
_5. 1945 Toronto 35 Winnipeg 0
__. 1977 Montreal 41 Edmonton 6
_7. 1928 Hamilton 30 Regina 0
__. 1984 Winnipeg 47 Hamilton 17
_9. 1957 Hamilton 32 Winnipeg 7
10. 1986 Hamilton 39 Edmonton 15
__. 1997 Toronto 47 Saskatchewan 23

With Queen's winning yesterday, it can be only a bad omen for Saskatchewan today...

It would be nice to see the Al's in the #1 spot.

no its a good omen
Calgary was the better team and lost
it will happen today too

Anyone know how long the rouge has been around? If its been around since the 20's, then I'd say the shutouts are the worst. If you can't even put up a rouge... wow. :?

I think it's been around for much longer then that. Wasn't it originally a negative point for the team whom it was scored on.

I hope today isn't that close..I'd like to watch the game and not cover my eyes in my girlfriend's shoulders 8)

Ahhhhh! The biggest blowout in CFL Grey Cup history :smiley: Bombers 50 Esk's 11

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As far the single,I'm not sure,I dont think kicking was a big part of the game back then,giving up 2 pts to retain the ball was the big thing in that era and the early CFL years I believe.

I wouldn't brag too much. You guys were shutout by Toronto in '45. :wink:

The only thing I care to remember before the CFL came about is the Winnipeg's being the first team from the west to win. :lol:

And its been rough going ever since... :stuck_out_tongue:

It was one of the original scoring points, as I recall since the object was simply to get the ball in the endzone. What is really remarkable about the top two is that TD's were only worth 5 pts at that time.

Yes it has :wink: But you know what,I'm one of those fans who enjoy long droughts,not saying I dont want my team to win it all,but having your team go over 20 years without a Cup,or sometimes not even making it to the show,and then winning 3 in 7 years like what happened from 1984-90 with the BB's,just makes it so much more special....I'm sure some Rider fans can agree to this.You get kicked around for a bit,then all of a sudden it clicks and you remember it for the rest of your life.

To 5440, :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :rockin: :rockin:
Yes My Riders hardly put up a fight against the mighty Als not like your mighty Lions did- what was the score again my calculator blew up cuz the Als were scoring too quickly!!!!!!!!! :cowboy: :cowboy:

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