Biggest acquisition so far?


Tay Cody
James Judges
Reggie Hunt
Jamel Richardson
Josh Harris
Tim Sandidge
Jeff Keeping

Who do you see as the newcomer with the most impact?

Obviously, I really hope Hunt continues piling up around 80 tackles this season. He did have a lesser year in 2007 but I am really excited seeing him on defence for us.

Well for this season, I think it'll be a tossup between Cody, Hunt, and Richardson. Not sure where in the secondary they are going play Cody so that makes me hesitate a bit.

In future, if we hang on to him, I'd say Joshua Harris. This guy is, I think, a great talent, ideally suited to the CFL game. I think with him and Brady we are set when the day comes that AC hangs 'em up.

Hunt, no question...but if you literaly mean the biggest. Its Sandidge at 315 :slight_smile:

The newcomer who should have the most impact in the short term (this season) is Reggie Hunt. For the long term, I agree with MadJack that Joshua Harris has a lot of potential.

We will have more signings, but I HOPE that the most significent signing of this year be coach Trestman. So much will depend on the coaching. Trestman has indicated that Calvillo owns the QB position.Will Trestman give Brady and Josh Harris the opportunity to play and develop? There are even greater areas of concern but, I hope the coaching will emerge as the best acquisition for 08.

I think the subject should be more on who to get rid of. Hopefully, Trestman will look at Bellefeuille's playbook, start laughing and kick this guy out of the organization. If not, expect 4 yards pass (on first down of course) from Calvillo and expect our WR to get hammered after every catch, just like last year. No wonder we have the one of the worst stats in yards per catch in the league (12.6 yard/catch, Edm 11.5, hamilton 11.7... edm and ham didn't make the playoffs). For crying outloud, Blitz and Touché could come up with better offensive schemes....

What have you been cooking? LOL!

Bellefeuille was let go months ago. He's been hired by the Ticats...

I can still see his point though. I too hope that Bellefeuille leaving has the greatest impact.

However, to answer the question about the signings, I would say Hunt, without a doubt.

To answer to my own question...

Might be Corey Holmes!

That would be sweet!!!


You would not believe how happy I was when I found out MTL signed Reggie Hunt. He was always my favourite LB in the CFL. He seemed to have his nose in every play, and he's not a big guy..

Anyways, as far as biggest starpower name, I'll go with Hunt.

But as far as who will help us out the most, I will go with Jamel Richardson. He will help compliment, Elijah Thurmon, Ben Cahoon, Kerry Watkins... Who can you double cover now?

I think you guys are going to be surprised at what Jeff Keeping can do. He can play numerous positions (O-Line, D-Line, Tight end, Full back) He plays them all with consistency and he's a beast @ about 6'7" 290lbs. with speed of a linebacker. The one thing he adds already is depth at so many positions. I think he's going to be a huge pickup.

I’m a big fan of Jeff Keeping. I was surprised Toronto let him walk without a fight…

The loss of their first draft pick-because of the salary cap, has to be the greatest loss -to nab one of the top picks in the coming draft. What kind of management do the Als have in not balancing their books. Is this the error of one person or, the error of the entire management. Others survived the cap so,how come the Als were inept in losing what could have been their greatest draft in years. Samual Gregoire is a lost gem to this team. The 2007 year was a horrible year for the team. Thid draft represents the final piece of a discredited management.

You raise some very good points. Is it a problem across the organization, or is it just Popp?
Herb Z. ripped the Als and Popp big time today in his blog:

[url=] ... pathy.aspx[/url]

I have a hard time believing all of Herb's article. The Als have been the CFL's biggest spenders? The Als don't play in Edmonton...
The way Herb calls it, Popp is too dumb to add simple numbers. I would actually be more inclined to believe Herb's article, if Herb wasn't ripping Popp every single time he writes a blog... Maybe Popp is a problem as the GM; but Herb just can't report stuff without sounding like a pissy little frustrated person.
Who to believe?

I also disagree with them being called the biggest spenders....Without getting into whether or not it was right or wrong to do what they did with Charboneau, had they not done it they would have been under the cap.
Add to that the high number of injuries, I think the Als did OK.

When it comes to Herb VS Popp. I always say
Those who can do
Those who cant, write about it!

Popp has done a great job as GM. I do have confidence in him, I wasn't a fan of his last season, but now that he's back where he belongs, he's in my good sides.

I do think maybe not this season, but maybe next season, the impression of the other teams will once again be "Great, we have to play Montreal next :cry: "

Fingers crossed!