'Bigger than just me': Bombers' Castillo repping his culture


“With Castillo stitched on the back of the uniform, it’s bigger than just me,” he said. “It’s representing a whole culture.”

How can anyone not like this guy? I am very happy to see him come back to the Bombers. It’s the perfect fit right now and if the Bombers stick with Benson and Sheahan, we should only see their chemistry improve.

Kindof crazy this is his first time being on the same team for more than 1 season.

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I’m not sold on Sheahan just yet but there is no other CFL placekicker I would want if my team needed a clutch field goal. He should have been MVP of the 2021 Grey Cup. I’m not sure if a kicker ever has been. Maybe Don Sweet in the laughingly boring and clumsy GC in the 70’s?

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For what it’s worth, I am also not 100% confident in Sheahan but there were flashes last year. At the very least he was a statistically average punter as a rookie and I wouldn’t complain too much if he was brought back for another year.

I do think the Bombers should probably bring in 1 more punter just for the sake of competition. A name that jumps out to me is ex-XFL punter Mac Brown, who played for the Orlando Guardian alongside Kicker Jose Borregales, who is currently rostered with Winnipeg.

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What is repping? I’ve never heard the word before.

representing ?