BigDave's Virtual Grey Cup Championship!

Hey, I'd just like to know when you'll be starting this so I know, and I don't miss out on a week or something. Are you doing preseason, Dave?

Just update me here, and I'll be happy. :thup:

I’d like to do a test in the preseason as well.

I used to do pre-season in the past, partly to give people an idea how the system works and partly as a test for my spreadsheet. With the way it's set up now, though, doing pre-season games (which then don't appear in final stats) would involve quite a bit of work. It also puts names on my spreadsheet of people who make no picks during the regular season. So I don't do the pre-season warmup anymore. Sorry.

But, the regular season is just a couple of weeks away. I'll be starting the "WEEK 1" thread in about a week.

yeah ! I'll be there mate. I came close last year, hope i'll do as good this year.