bigcanadiano on tsn in future-time

That's right folks. . . the bigc is heading from my computer screen right into your tsn-false-dichotomy dreams.

If any of you are catching it. . . tsn is presently undermining the best franchise in the history of cnd football right under our very noses.

How proud it must make you all, to feel slighted by the same group of individuals that bring us Bauer's full proof leadership ability???

In case you've missed it. . . some journalist from tsn, brought us a story involving Troy Westwood's true to life article, that Doug Brown rebutted. In turn, we get the coverage Winnipeg so desperately covets from the Toronto based pleasing, not so friendly, foreign to everything in every context.

Simply put. . . the other shoe has finally dropped.

Like a piano on Maroons Rd.

Way to go Blue Fans!!!!

You've earned it. . .


Lyle's biggest fan.

So are you and Spidey99 the same person or are there really 2 giant nutbags who believe this poo?

///lol lol ..maybe these guys are Troys' ghostwriters....the poo is getting kind of thick... :lol: :lol:

No - no, you're both absolutely right that shawn churchill has no business doubling up on troy westwood's antics. I agree.