Bigblue sign Greene

Bombers have signed free agent Andrew Greene...solidifying the 'o' line and making it a very strong unit...should be lot of room for Charlie to run in 07... :rockin: .....rumour has it Wpg, will also have a look at Nate Davis...COULD be an interesting signing... :wink:

Is there any one left in Riderville?

Nate Davis to replace Warner? Not much (if any) drop off there, as long as Nate can stay healthy.

Ha ha ha Taman signing the Rider cast aways! For three island tour!

lol salary cap victims red, not cast aways

Ya you are right James but I think Nate better get on a big diet I think he looked like a big hog last year and provided nothing to the rush for the Riders. Now the riders can add some speed to their dline. Remember this is only my opinion right. Greene is a good signing though. Nate well he just blocks out the sun with his mass ha ha ha

lol i actually couldnt agree more. after his back injury it seemed as though he was never the same. plus he always shows up over weight as u said. i dont want davis here, id much rather taman re-sign booker, he did just as good as warner, he younger and a heck of a lot cheaper. he'd give us a full season to, unlike ron who only played 1/3 then tired out.

Thats not funny man...

While Winnipeg is taking our guys, we are taking Ottawa's... YAY!!! :roll:

Well I hope he plays better then he did last year the guy looked like a big hog. Keep him away from the buckets of chicken for a while. He was prone to those back injuries because of the weight he was packing on ha ha ha. But Greene is a very good addition for sure. You are right a younger faster guy would foot the bill. My guess is Nate will end up being training camp fodder.
Jman I feel for you but when upper management changes so does everything else. Nate you guys won't miss as much as Greene. But look at the bright side with new managment in place just maybe the green riders can move forward to a championship.

Greene is 38, I hope he still has some gas left in the tank. As for Nate, I thought he was going to the Als......

Hey piggy you have a porker joining your squad. I can just see the bill for food. Nate will have 8 buckets of chicken please before practice ha ha ha ha

No way Nate will be playing for the Bombers this year, he can drag his lard butt down to La Belle Prov and get all the poutine he desires.

Does everyone have a crystal ball?

No, Im just psychic.

Well I am glad you said that Piggy what the heck was Taman thinking. :lol:

..Big Weight Davis COULD still have some game left...if he does sign on with the Blue&Gold ...he'have to show something at training camp...or he'll be shown the way to the nearest KFC...... :wink: :lol:

I have heard rumours that the primary reason that Greene was released was health issues. Watching him last year and you notice that he used his mass to block more than his arms. He seems to have strained the muscles in his upper body to the point of having no strength left to push with his arms. He also has had neck problems in the past. I hope he doesn't get seriously hurt if he gets his neck twisted in one of those pile-ups that happen to line-men. I really like Greene but hope that he is not sticking around beyond his healthy years.

...Taman took a good look at Greene's play of last year on game film....and said that if Andrew has slowed down any...he didn't see it...that's probably why the Bombers went out of their way to out-bid T.O. for him (mini-bidding war)....Greene seems to be tickled pink to be in Blue n'Gold according to the Free Press....guess we'll get to see what he's got left at t.c..... :wink:

Well no need to yell weres the beef! YEs he would make a good spokes person for KFC. He can state, "I can eat three buckets of chicken in a matter of minutes and I am still hungry". He is so large he has his own area code.

After sleeping on it, I have changed my mind, Nate and Brown inside would form quite the mass of flesh. It just might work.