...what a disappointing performance before a sold out stadium :thdn: Bishop has to wear most of this....Surprisingly i say we should keep Bishop for next year...BUT NOT AS A STARTER...pry an experienced starter from the Leos....cuz what we have now is not going to ever get it done....I think Bucky will be available....maybe we could paste him together and hope he holds up orrrrr go after a J.Jackson...It's a looooong off-season so we have a lot of time to ponder the qb. situation....I hope we can develop this kid Santos...he's going to need some seasoning ...but we have to be going in that direction...Receivers pooped the bed today big-time....passes were dropped...and when they weren't Bishop was way off target....Don't know whether we'll see him in BluenGold next year...He sure didn't do anything to secure his future in the Peg with that b.s. play....Crappy way to go out....but there it is :cry:

The Big Blue blows chunks: the front office, Kelly and Bishop should go hang themselves :thup:

The one person I do not want to see associated with the Bombers next year is Mike Kelly. If he is the coach next year I shudder to think how much more damage he could possibly do. Say what you want. This team is worse than last year. Who will they obtain for a QB. There really is not a lot out there who is available with CFL expirence who is any good. The big mistake was getting rid of Kevin Glenn. The albatross returned to haunt everyone. I hope some of you, know it all's have fun drinking Kelly's kool aid during the off season. It will taste bitter and will be a long off season. :oops: :oops:

Pierce is a concussion away from vegetative status. Jackson hasn't shown he can be a consistent starter any more than Bishop. Prodigal Son Printers looks to have been forgiven for past transgressions and might wind up sticking around in B.C. That leaves Zac Champion and Travis Lulay, neither of whom is exactly an experienced QB.

My advice? Groom Santos as your starter, but keep the Bish around as the veteran backup who can come in and light a fire at least temporarily under this offense. Bishop will never win you the big game, or even get you to the big game, but if you use him properly, he can be a good stop-gap solution as your 'QB of the future' develops.

Santos was one of your Als. Is he more groomable than Pickett or Porter?

I wonder what will come of Lefors if Kelly sticks around....

My guess is that Lefors’ ONLY chance of staying around is if Kelly stays around. Kelly was the only one in the CFL who thought he was capable of being a CFL starter. He was so sure of it that he traded 2 draft picks to get him, and then cut loose the only experienced QBs he had on the roster at the time.

If Kelly’s gone, I don’t see Lefors being around very long either; the new coach wouldn’t have made that investment in Lefors and therefore won’t feel obligated at all to keep him around.

He's got all the tools. Good accuracy, makes his reads quickly, athletic. However, like all young QBs, he needs the right system, a coaching staff who can develop him properly, and patience from all concerned.

The Bomber defence and coaching staff was just as responsible for the loss as Bishop was today. Glen likes the short pass and we play zone all day long ??? It was clear what was happening and WPG,S defence made no adjustments and allowed Glen to play catch all day with his recievers.
Bowman was a joke today, mentally not in the game at all. He should be ashamed of himself for his lack of effort today. You have to give credit to the Ti cats as well, for playing a solid game and getting a victory on the road, in front of a large hostle crowd.

Hi Papa,
Due to work I didn't get to see the game but as I heard on the radio the score was 20 to 16 Hamilton in the 4th quarter! What happened?? Anyways the way I see it we have alot of work to do before training camp 2010. Quarterback is #1..and a bonafide offensive co-ordinater is #2 with NO restrictions put on him from the head coach.
A very long off season for sure!! Papa, who do you see in the Grey Cup this year??

wow. that was ugly. Congrats to Hamilton though, they played very well. Hopefully we have Santos and LeFors fighting for the starter's role next year.

I agree. This was a total team loss. I think the downfield cover team was the only aspect of the team that played really well. Every other aspect just seemed inconsistent.

Don't worry, papazoola. Your Bombers will be alright next year...if they blow up their entire offence, fire Kelly, and sign a kicker who can hit a routine FG in a big game.

He'll be our starter after Bishop has taught him all he knows. So Lefors will be busy for a few hours.

And I'm not bitter.... much

Hey, Papa. Still glad you ran Kevin Glenn out of town on a rail?

The Koolaid drinkers have insured the Bombers swim at the bottom of the standings for a long time. They are the new Tigercats.

I can just hear the fans now when the draft comes around next year and the Roughriders, pick second overall and grab Bender or one of the NCAA div 1 tackles, second round comes around and Montreal picks 9th. overall and their fans go what ? how that happen...and Kelly has to wait till all the teams have signed Free agents before the last few who can't get offers are forced to go to Winnipeg.

This is just the beginning...

Where exactly do you see the Bombers needing young Canadian talent in their line up ? That was the first area of the team addressed at the start of the year. They sent 2 Olinemen back to school at after TC. They have Ralph, Arthur & Hargreaves at receiver. They have Stephenson at RB/FB.

At least call a spade a spade, QB & OC are all that is needed to make them an instant contender.

not to mention Donny O to take over for Doug Brown, and Ian Logan coming along quite nicely at safety....

I also wouldnt mind picking up another good reciever(Kelly Campbell) along with a QB and Mike Working would probably fit in well here as OC.

Good points there james. . . I agree, Logan came along at safety quite well this year. And I totally agree that QB and O/C are the primary areas that need addressing, regardless of whether Kelly stays or goes.

Do you know what Working is doing these days? Rick Worman is also available. So too is Doug Berry, and his work as O/C in Montreal is superior to his work as HC in Winnipeg. . . but that wont' happen under the current regime (although, since the team is already paying him. . . ).

Off the wall suggestion. . . I know he's got no experience at coaching, but might Milt Stegall be interested?

Not as long as there's a CFL franchise in Toronto. :lol: