BigBlue at Reds

.....Flanders in FRI. night... Dressler on the six game....time to see what Flanders can do....A very dangerous duo if Harris and Flanders see the field at the same time...Waiting for awhile on that one

This one could be tough.The RBs are finally rested up after a ridiculous schedule and will be hungry and motivated.Missing Dressler creates a big hole on our offense.Its time for our D to show us something more than they have so far.

Cardiac kids pull out another win. Redblacks helped us out a bit thanks to that out of bounds punt by Maher. Mind you, we could have closed out the game earlier but had a TD to Adams taken away by a penalty to Chungh, then lost another first down right after that on a penalty by Goosen and had to settle for 3.

The way the Redblacks moved the ball with ease it looked to be shaping up to be a long game, then the Bombers reply with a massive bomb to Lankford for the scripted one play TD drive. Redblacks moved the ball with ease on a few drives and gave up a big run to start the second half, hate our soft zone D, but somehow we kept Trevor Harris under 300 yards passing for the game and made timely stops when we needed them. Leggett with a beauty game IMO. Loeffler was also good today.

Offensively, I liked the look of having both Flanders and Harris available. Both can run, block, and catch so it gives you multiple looks as to having both back there, one guy split out as a receiver, etc, or to just spell Harris for a few plays or a series here and there saving him some of those hits. The opening play to Lankford for the TD was a beaut, I guess that was enough as he ended up with only 1 more catch for 3 yards the rest of the game according to the stats page. Feoli-Gudino made some good plays to get first downs as well.

The reason Feoli-G is finally making some catches is because they are finally throwing the ball to him consistently. For years he was making great blocking plays and smart plays that were not being recognized. He may not be spectacular, right now, but he is something far more important and that's SMART !

Now I may sound cynical(and everybody says I am) but was that not the same game we have seen many times this year and last ? It feels like I am watching Blue Bomber Groundhog Day. The predictability of the game is taking away from the excitement. Before, I wanted a blowout win. Now I will take a sounding loss and maybe that will shake us out of the funk... I know other teams would kill for our problems.

Positive; Nichols is one hell of an accurate passer. Talk about threading the needle.

......Good win BUT how and why do we allow a team to march at will that makes us look like a bunch of marshmallows ...We don't seem to be able to knock down a pass or get in the face of a receiver to save our life...I am referring to the early march by Ottawa that resulted in their first td...I thought the refs. were junk in this one...Hands to the face penalties that resulted in pts. lost...Not one of those called on the 2 colours...There was at least one of those on the Ottawa O line player that was ignored but they were quick to jump on our guys...I don't recall one hold called on the Redblacks o line....C'MON... In any event we pulled another one out despite the lopsided reffing ...On to Ham.

We've had more pass knockdowns than the other team in 3 of the last 5 weeks which goes back to the Calgary game, only team that had more than us in a game was BC. I didn't look beyond the last 5 weeks. I don't think it's so much the pass knockdowns as how many big plays we've given up. We're one of the worst teams according to the CFL stats page for big plays allowed on D and special teams. This is a big problem. The other issue is our starts, like the drive you alluded to. The first quarter is or a chunk of the early part of the game is scripted with how you want to try establish yourself in the game. We know our issues in the first quarters on offense, but our D is troublesome as well. Most games we're playing catch up, it'd be nice to get the lead first and force other teams to try keep up with us rather than vice versa.