BigBlue at Leo's

......Have to get to Lulay early and shake him up...IF he's a 100 percent like they're saying he is, we might be in for a long night if Nichols doesn't step up...One thing going for us and that is the fact Matt has a fairly good record against the Lions...Missing Moe Leggett is going to hurt...some of the other D guys are going to have to be top of their game...Looking at you Roc///No uncontested catches downfield will have to be the order of the day...Here's hoping

WHAT ? No one on here blaming Medlock for the loss. How come ? There sure was a lot of blame for the last kicker we had whenever he missed a crucial FG.

......Seems to me this game ended the same way as the semi-final did last year...Can't lay it totally on Medlock...this team just chokes and quite frankly I;m sick and tired of the coaching....I'm tired of watching a re-run of the same crap and right now this team is looking not at all like the contender I thought it would be... :thdn: Time to get a new interest

I'm not blaming Medlock at all. This team cannot put together 60 mins of football. We are lucky we won two games this year. We could easily be 0-4. We consistently let teams back in the game. Something is not right.

Had the Bombers won the game they would have been deserving of the victory. They played very well. Down a bunch and then to turn the game around and go ahead 42 -27 spoke volumes to B.C. The Bombers cannot be taken lightly BUT.....

What on earth was the Bomber head coach thinking with a little over 8 minutes left in the game? On their own 26 yard line they elect to fake punt and Medlock tries to pass the ball??? I'm all for razzle dazzle but on your own 26? The Bombers were up 42-34 at this point in the game. They were dominating the Lions at this point, not the other way around. The head coach would have looked like a genius had the play worked but it didn't and I think that play cost the Bombers the game. Was it worth the gamble on your own 26? Had O'Shea recently been watching a nature film and picked up on the fact that Lions sleep on average 20 hours a da? Did he think the Lions might be a snoozing? Hmmm.....
Regardless, the Bombers paid the price when the Lions tied the game less than a minute later.

Medlock is one of the premier kickers in the CFL. He's at over 90%. His longest was 55 this year. He missed a 50 yarder. I don't think there was a Lions fan or player not surprised that he missed. It was right down the main street as they like to call it. When I saw it drop in front of the goal posts I was beside myself. Wind was not a factor. He just didn't kick the ball hard enough and missed the game tying FG. It happens. Had he made it the game would have gone into over-time and who knows what would have happened?

I thought O'shea's play call on the 26 was a foolish call. I though Rainey, the Lions premier running back deciding to run it back and score was a dumb decision. He is our best punt returner and a great play maker. He could have gotten seriously injured trying to run the ball back. And all for what? If he had been injured it would have hurt the team in the long run. He should have thought of that. The Lions had already won the game. All he had to do was drop to one knee. He obviously wasn't told what to do if Medlock missed the FG. Or he was told and forgot.

Oh well... it was very entertaining game and the Bombers can hold their heads up high. The way they played in that 2nd half, the Lions were fortunate to come out on top.

Hey, where's this Lion fan get the idea he can come on our forum and tell some of us that the Bombers are a good team. If we want to gripe and complain about the loss, that's our right. Where do you get off telling us the Bombers should hold their heads high. Geeeez

No, I'm kidding, that was a good synopsis of the game. It's nice to hear from the other side once in a while. Thanks Beagle. :thup:

What can I say Dan? I'm a fan without a team. :cry: I'm looking for a "home". :stuck_out_tongue: The Lions forum is all but a ghost town. :roll:

Osh doesn't THINK! Good @ excuses though!

I guess I am just tired of watching this team find ways to lose and while many fans see close games as exciting, I am getting tired of that too ! I want to see a game dominated by the Bombers from start to finish. A good ole blow-out that makes the losing team seek revenge in the return engagement. It creates controversy and excitement. I look forward to revenge games. That's why the Banjo Bowl is usually a great game. It's payback time !!!

We have a few good posters on this site. Few is the key word. It's been a ghost town here for a while now. Too much expectation and not enough result is the problem. Guys are tired of the ongoing situation. I know I am.


I pick up little bits here and there about the other teams. Are you impressed with O'Shea's coaching abilities? Would you say Glenn is a better QB than Nichols? Nichols looked pretty good in the recent game against the Lions. Do the Bombers have a decent back up QB?

I mentioned before that Glenn can be hot and cold. When he was the QB for the Lions fans never knew which Glenn was going to show up. I've seen Glenn pin point laser passes. And the guy catching the ball was gone. Only problem is Glenn was throwing to the wrong color jersey!

The Bombers have got some darn good players on the roster: Dressler, Denmark, Andrew Harris, Westerman, Medlock. I can't see the Bombers not winning its share of games and even making the playoffs again.

Blow-outs are always satisfying but they are rare if the parity in the league is good. The fact is the Bombers racked up 42 points in this last game against a pretty good defence. That is no small feat. I know it's not a win and it is disappointing but what can I say? Nothing more I guess.

Not impresseed with O'Shea. He still takes too long to make changes.

At this point Nichols is better than Glenn. I wish we had kept him. He's a great backup QB.
Lefevour and Davis are our backups. I like both. I think LeFevour might be one of those career QBs that other teams didn't want.

Just one dominating win is all I'm asking for, just one !

I'll give my people at Lions head office a call and tell them what your 'needs' are. I have influence.

That's not enough for me. I won't really be happy unless it's in Regina.

Medlock is the best cfl plce-kicker in 1st 58 minutes of games.

Keep in mind last 2 game tying situations he's faced - HE CHOKED

West semi more on O'Stoic - chnces of hitting from 61 prolly less than 10%. Gaining 4 yds w/Mutt Nichols at least 20%.

O'Stoic had no faith in either guy - but slightly more in Medlock. Nichols was pretty much spent for the night!

If you look at most of the scores this season, those blow outs don't really exist, especially against west teams. Even the Stamps let the Riders back into the game after blowing them out in the first half. But I get your frustration. We need to start winning the closer ones against the top teams in the west which will only come with more consistent results. We can't have an offense that plays 30 minutes in a 60 minute game. Once they got the lead, the offense was shut down. That's when they need to put the pedal down and finish off the other team and not give them that idea they can come back. That's the recurring problem. I lay that at LaPo's feet.

Plop didn't toss those nerf balls 3 yds over the receivers hands or dig gopher holes with skippies - Mutt Nichols did. 2 more completions & 2 more 1st downs & it doesn't come down to Chokelock!

I would say that he doesn't have any confidence leaving the game in the hands of his O or D and frankly, I don't blame him based on what has been going on in 4th quarters so far this year, outscored something like 42 - 9 in the games so far.

It was a bad call, whether the decision was Medlock's, as some speculate, or O'Shea's. But ya, at that point you're hoping to get the first and try get some momentum back on your side. Unfortunately the whiff just really piled on against the team at that point. To be fair, though, Medlock's pass was on target and if Derek Jones turns his head around 2 seconds sooner, locates the ball, and makes the grab no one is calling this a bad play.

My hope is that O'Shea and LaPo figure out that they are once they get the lead they are shifting into game management mode to control the clock way to soon. Run plays, short high percentage underneath completions move the clock a little bit but if they don't get a first down you haven't accomplished much, especially if your D is giving up yards the other waya.