Big Win Last Week! One Problem Fixed - Now Fix Other

Having been a Ticat follower for several years and having viewed the multitude of criticisms (especially in this forum) about the Ticat kicking game, a few days back I relayed some information from a chap about a punter for the New England Patriots whose no-cost offer to work out for the Ticats had been turned down by the Ticat front office - ["Hamilton, We've Got a Problem"]- it is just another illustration of why the team has had kicking problems - and I ventured to say that it was less the players' fault than the fault of the front office, so the fans shouldn't be so hard on the players - and also suggested that it was time to take a serious look at import kickers and punters

Either the front office blokes read this forum or their attitude is rubbing off on Ticat fans - in true Ticat front office fashion, the posted responses did their best to "shoot the messenger" (including dismissal of the information about NE punter as being made up) and ignore the subject being discussed

But, truth is (regardless of how many times the Ticats shoot the messenger or try to ignore it)

Stamp kicker DeAngelis about two days later said the same thing in print (his workout offer also turned down by Ticats)

Ticats finally (after two years) put import kicker on the field in a game and revelation - instead of not going for 40 yard field goal like the week before, suddenly got a 44 yard game winner and a HUGE WIN!

Now fix the other half of the kicking game - the Ticat punter is once again near bottom of league in net result (7th out of 8 teams, instead of 8th out of 9 like last year), and giving up this average difference every game can be a killer in close games (it has already been a big negative factor in two of the team's three loses)- if Ticats admit this and bring in good import punter, they will suddenly have an advantage (or at least be equal) in punting game and stand better chance of winning each week

Called my friend, he read post and said all info on New England punter was legit and accurate - he also said he did not know how to spell kicker's name, but it was something like cop or copft or kopft - surely the Ticat front office knows about him - and if they don't (well, that failure speaks for itself)

It is said that he who does not learn from the past puts the future in danger - Ticats are halfway there - they need to move forward with rebuilding of kicking game by replacing punter - and quit trying to shoot the messenger or worry about who's bringing up these numbers (the math speaks for itself and shows an obvious problem) - fix it and move on to win more games! Good luck!

Gee, maybe a simple google search on all the permutations of your friend's pal's buddy's girlfriend's cousin would help make this post a bit more legit. As for DeAngelis, the year he wanted to try out he was much worse than what we already had.

The Tiger Cats have numerous punter/kicker try outs in the off season.
This gives them first hand knowledge of dozens of P/Ks.

Mark Myers being one of them. He came in and did the job.
He didn't have to have one practice with the team.

This is how professional sports organizations are run.

I would rather see the Tiger Cats run this way.

The coaches have enough on their plate
working 12 hour days preparing for each week's game.

You said in your post that the front office tried to illegitimize your post. Well pal im gonna tell you something. The odds of the front office actually looking into this fourmn are pretty low. And the odds of them commenting on a post as vague and as unrevealing as your previous post are about as slim as George W Bush winning a spelling Bee. We the fans illegitimized your post. Its not that we dont believe you, its just that without a name it all sound like some made up stories. My friend's buisness pals cousin's neighbour's dog's vet's nurse isnt a legitimate by any standard. We would appreciate it if you could just find the name of said New England Punter so we , as the fans, could check it out. Please post the name for us is all we ask. Thanks.

PS, well written post i must say,

ya, well written except for a few mistakes...we've already had a couple of import kickers on the field in the last two or three years (chuck tack was american i beleive, and that other guy, the FG kicker who was a #6 in 2004... only played one game or two)

not to mention at the time of your first post, Ruffin was on the team, OR in the process of being cut for myers.

Myers can supposedly punt. if he can, that'd be a big boost, instead of having to use TWO import spots on kicker.

find some soccer players, see what they can do before you start looking for american punters (flemming still ain't all that great.)

yawn...pure garbage and nothing more than a whining message from someone that clearly has NO understanding of the CFL. Two import kickers on the game day roster. Go away....