Big win for the bad for Montreal...

It was a close game, after the late fumble, it didn't look good. Thank the lord for Hebert playing his best game of the year. There is still trouble in paradise though, Westwood has to be better from the forty yard mark n out, it has showed over the last couple years there is a no confidence vote when Troy has to kick for long field goals...hence the fake fieldgoal from the 41 yard line...Go Bombers you made my Sunday..

Huge win :thup:
I agree on both counts about Hebert and Westwood. But at least Westwood did save the TD by slowing down the runner.

Here's to hoping for 2 more in 1 week! :rockin:

...the offence finally started to show a little something.....Hebert bailed Charlie out with that BIG HIT ...and well....Charlie did the rest....great win BigBlue..... :thup:

Hell yes! it's gonna be real hard for EE to CO now, or take thrid in the West!!! we rule!

I wonder what Jetin07 will say about this?

Westwood is frickin brutal, he probably saved his job by nailing that fg at the end. Hebert looks a lot better at safety than olb, he finally played like we all knew he could today. Overall we played a good game, the offense is at least moving the ball again.

I told you herberts good i will fight who ever thought he shud leave hes easilly our 2nd best defender

your a chump

westwood needs to work on everything now its going to be windy where ever he plays so the coaches also need to know how far he can kick into the wind and stuff and i agree Hebert was the king that game

Herbert Rules. It was a great game true, but came out alittle lucky should abeen bigger. But tied for first and no unhappiness there. GO Blue and Gold GO