Big win but?

A hungry TiCat team showed up in Moncton,a ground game was put back into play utilizing Colbourne,Thigpen and Grant wich was the same type of game in the Montreal win for us.Now we play the Argos in Toronto but the huge question is what Hamilton team will show up?

Are you always negative or is this just a streak you're on?

You must admit it hasnt been a consistent team this season: win big, lose big. Hang around .500. I think next week will define the team for the balance of the season.

We just gob-smacked the Grey Cup finalist, scored fifty points for the first time in twelve years, so you know what? I'll revel in this victory for at least the rest of the day/buzz before nit-picking at their overall competence.


Let's continue this discussion after to Ars... game. Torornto is no push over...........if the team can win in Toronto, the team may have turned the corner and may seriously compete with Montreal and Winnipeg. I beleive they have the talent, however they need to stop Jyles, Owens and Durrie. It should be a barn burner. The last time they played the Ars.... killed our linebackers and DB's. Make the correct adjustments and we win.


Me and my buddies will go to Toronto,we wil be open minded but you must admit the Montreal,Edmonton losses totalled 81 points against us with 39 pts for so we want to see a bit of consistancy.We will be positive if the planning for each game is balanced with a running and short pass game wich for some bizzare reason was not included in the 2 bad losses.Listening to the critics is good because they are the ones paying to watch and different opinions are a fact of life so if you don't like them just create your own opinion and move on. :smiley:


We can gloat about our shootout win but the defense still looked incredibly porous. The fact is that our offense needed to put up over 40+ points in order to secure this victory. Sorry but that's just not gonna happen on a consistent basis. We are now tied with the Argos for Points Against with 344. Saskatchewan is only one worse with 345. All other teams are under 300 points allowed. The old adage old Defense Wins Championships still holds true and until this issue is addressed by Bellefeille/Chamblin/Obie, we will continue to be a mediocre .500 team.

I don't mean to be unkind, but as a creaky "old" fan" I can't help but take particular pleasure in your delightful typo about the old adage... "old Defense Wins Championships". Wonderful! Even better, you're no doubt correct... after all, it sure worked for us back in '86!

BTW, Calgary also has given up 345 points so far this year. On the other side of the ball, only Montreal has scored more points than the Ticats have.

Hamilton is one of five teams that have scored more points than they've allowed. Two of the five, BC and Montreal, have points for/ allowed spreads that are strongly positive. The other two, Edmonton and Winnipeg, have positive spreads of under 15 points, not much different than our own. Each of them leads its Division or is tied for the lead.

188 yards against in rushing, 281 passing for a total of 469 yards and 36 points. Not good.

Great to watch them score 55 points but it's not to be expected in future games.

As long as the tabbies minimize mistakes and win the turnover battles like today, things should work out.

We have given up the same amount of pts as the blew team (344) and only 1 fewer than Sask and Calgary. This needs to be addressed

I agree...

But the only reason we won this game is that Mr. Thigpen went off!!!

The secondary,if it's even possible,might be the worst it's been in the last 3 years.I'm sorry,but Carlos Thomas got toasted all afternoon!You cannot win champioships with a defence like this,plain and simple.

.500 at the end of the season is going to be a stretch.The only saving grace might be that Winnepeg is haveing serious injury problems at the wrost possible time for them and Montreal has been up and down,as well...

Does anyone in their right mind think this team could beat BC right now???Because we are going to get them very soon and they have an actual...Ya'know....Defence?

188 yards rushing, 75 off of one play that Ray Williams was clearly held onto by the jersey collar from the front and back. If he gets free its a short gainer. If you look at the repaly he was clearly held but no call. No excuse for poor defensive backfield. They are terrible and we will lose more games because of them. Even with the line putting pressure on the QB #4 couldn’t cover a turtle in a race. Good offense production but most of Glenns passes were wobbly and guys were either waiting for them or jump balling which almost cost one player a career. Sorry but Glenn is still a weak link in the offense, he must start throwing more spirals with authority and hitting his open men in the numbers. If they drop the ball then it is on the receiver. Mr Thigpen only achieved what everyone in the stands knew he could achieve, it just took the threat of losing his job before MB put him in the starting line up. It was nice to see T Grant get in finally, it took at least three hits to get him down. Great performances by these two guys. We did well as a team but the defense let up and gave up two TD’s that should never happened. It is 60 minutes of footbal where is your pride! Let’s see what team shows up in the dome next week. Will it be the same team that made Cleo Lemon look like a star, or the team put Calvillo and Burris on the sidelines.

Add me to that list.

Only Ticat fans could complain after blowing out the team that was tied for first in the west. Wow

Something has to be done about Thomas's play. Its not exceptable. :thdn:

This Team is like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

When they play great they are world Beaters
when they play bad it just too Ugly to watch.

I want to see The world beaters every week

Good game just want to see this more offen

I agree with most of what you are saying except that Kevin Glenn is the weak link in the offence.
Without Kevin there is no offence.
When a completed pass occurs it is because Kevin delivered the pass to the receiver.
It does not have to be pretty, just completed.
It is well known that Kevin does not have the strongest arm, but he is a veteran QB with adequate arm strength to get the job done, making a very good Calgary team look very bad.
The defence did not have a good day despite

  1. 1 Interception
  2. 2 forced fumbles
  3. 3 hurry's
  4. 4 sacks

Well, it may not have been acceptable, but I'd say it was pretty darned exceptable.