Big week ! Four teams could go 1-4

This is a big week with the by weeks coming up. I don't remember a season where four teams could end up 1-4. So much for parity.

3 teams could end up 1-4, one of Edm/Mont has to win :wink:

Thanks :oops: Yeah huge game between Edmonton and Montreal.

yes I don't see Winnipeg or Hamilton winning.

and you probably will see the Esks lose to Montreal in Montreal.

imagine.. Eskimos all alone in 4th place, 4 games back of everyone else.

:cry: not... :thup:

I'm not so sure. A team with no offense is exactly what Edmonton needs.

Except the Eks’ offense is now even worse.

if there was ever a team for the Als to explode on, the Eskimos are it.

The Als definitely showed some life in the lights out first quarter only.
However, they died the rest of the way.

Penalties sucked their momentum and in the second half the obstruction call on London and the fumble by Devine ended it.

so then Als-Esks ends in a tie? :wink: IMO I think the Als take this one but this is a tough one to call.

I think the Bombers-Stamps game will be the surprise of the week, and not just because I'm a bomber fan. Bombers have played the Stamps tough last year. Even though it ended up an 11 point win for Calgary, the game was much closer than it seemed as Elliott threw 4 pics on the day and at least 2 were in the endzone and the other two IIRC were in field goal range. I was at that game and every time the bombers got any momentum Elliott would throw a horrendous pick. Otherwise the bombers were in it. 2011 in Winnipeg it was a 1 point win for Calgary, 2010 a 3 point win for the stamps. In 2008 it was a 12 point win for the bombers and a 4 point win for them in 2007. I'm not predicting a bombers win necessarily but the bombers in recent history have played the Stamps tight at home and I don't think it'll be a walk for them this time around either. If the game was in Calgary then different story, bombers haven't won there in the last 5 years and have been blowing out a couple of times, including last years beat down.

With that performance in Saskatchewan, I think the Ticats manage to put some points on the board at home in the rematch but will still lose. I don't think that Ticat D can slow down what the Riders are doing on offense right now.

BC should take TO who looks like they'll be without Ray and I don't know if Inman will be back. Without both/either I don't think they can compete for a full game and I think Lulay is starting to find a rhythm with the current group or receivers minus the Simon safety net.

It appears to be a much more difficult week to pick as opposed to the last few. Winnipeg has played Calgary pretty tough the past couple years. Seems like Calgary has troubles with them and Toronto for some unknown reason. I like Montreal at home, but then again they've been abysmal at home so who knows.

So many bad teams, it's hard to tell just how good, the good ones really are right now.

Not so, is easy to tell how good the teams are or aren't..........the good ones are winning. :wink: