Big week ahead for Bombers

Of what year?

...benefit of the doubt, but maybe he meant on the defensive side of things?...

I wonder if he’ll take the same bet as his Saskatchewan alter ego “cflisthebest” ???

Interested in taking the bet there Killer… should give you till about week 2 or 3 to still post :cowboy:

The Bomber defence that gave up the least yards passing in the league. The Bomber defence that the Riders could only score 2 points on in the Banjo Bowl. That Bomber defence only better.

Yeah, I know. They were a vaunted defence. How else do you go 4 - 14. Just trieing to poke a little fun at Killer. :oops:

Good time to get rid of the mother in law... Any takers?

Have to say the Bombers should be better but maybe not quite that good. If nothing else their passing should be interesting.