Big week ahead for Bombers

With the first round of cuts around the league comming later this week, the Bombers will be able to start assembling their roster for the year. :lol: :lol:


It does hurt to watch someone crash and burn with a bad attempt at humour, doesn't it.

Isn't this done by most teams anyways.

That's not the Bomber way, the Bomber way is to swear up and down that your team is rock solid from pillar to post even though everyone knows it isn't, then when things go to hell it's time to start bringing in fossils to try and save the season.Then in the off-season, release a boat load of guys, bring in more rookies and a new HC, rinse repeat and you're good to go :wink: :thup:

That was under Bauer - not now.

Just pokin' fun at ya :lol:, i'm anxious to see whether Winnipeg and/or Edmonton will pull things together this year.IMO Winnipeg has the new top N/I WR corps., sorry SSK.

Hey, last time we picked a Rider off the scrap heep he won 3 of his 10 starts, next time, you can keep him. :lol:

Big day today - huge crowd for the 1st day of TC. Media is putting the number between 3,000-4,000 people. That should help quiet down some of the people who said the Bombers would suffer by the presence of the NHL in Winnipeg.

No need to apologize, we last the top receiver in Fntuz and a very underrated guy in Bagg. Our N/I rec depth is definitely down. However the reports coming out of camp are promising for some of our new imports. Terrance Nunn is a name that will become household for a lot of you this year I think.

There could be a few great rookie Imports coming up this year, for the Ticats watch for Glenn Milner #35 RB, Aaron Kelly #81 WR, and Ventrell Jenkins #96 DT.Gunna be an exciting season that's for sure.

great article on the home page about the 3500 fans that came out. hopefully its a sign of things to come... like if for every one fan that came out to watch T.C., thats 10 in the stands for regular season. but yeah, i dont ever remember that many fans comming out to watch any team in T.C. in the CFL. Good way to spend a sunday in winnipeg though i would imagine.

keep your eyes open for Kito Poblah. This kid is the real deal. He is big, fast, and has caught everything so far. Fits in with the vets and missed all of rookie camp.

Some areas of the bomber roster are still uncertain, but i will almost guarantee receiver will not be an issue.

bombers lost 9 games by what? 4 points or less last season... this team isnt nearly as bad as some of you think. It's gonna be interesting to see what some of you have to say when this team absolutely kicks the crap out of yours. look for bombers to constantly hit 40 points a game. Bet on it. This time will put up big big numbers. The talent is scary good and if you dont think so.. well, you will soon. Real soon actually.

Riders Als, Stamps, Argos, Ticats all will take a step back this year.. Bombers, Lions will take a step forward.. ESKS will take a few back also.

9 games.. 4 points or less.. with a backup gimp qb who cant even throw a ball right now... (never liked jyles, hated the signing too)

he will be a non factor this year anyways as he is hurt and is probably gonna start the year on the IR.

bombers gonna shock some of you this year.. Topics like this.. they make me laugh... because you're so far out to lunch on your attempt at being funny i guess that its just pathetic.

bombers pick up other teams cuts? since when man, since friggin when.

it's gonna be funny tho when your team takes one of the receivers we have to let go.. can't keep em all and they all look to have talent.. wouldnt shock me one bit to see a clarence denmark or damian sherman or perry floyd or greg betterson on any one of your teams... right now they are all bomber training camp hopefulls. Not all will stick but all have shown so far they dont deserve to be cut.

Must be something wrong with the website today. It says this was posted on June 14 2011, when we all know that it was actually 2010. Or is this just a repeat maybe. Yea Yea, your receivers are the greatest ever. You don't seem to be keeping in mind the defence they have been up against so far. That's right, the one that just went 4 - 14. :lol: :lol:

Actually, you may be onto something. Its almost time to fire the Coach (again)

40 points consistantly... wow ! Gonna be something to see. Never seen a team put up around 800 points on the board before. This could kill the league. Wow, Wow !

I got to say it again LOL ! Wow !

how do the Cats take a step back?We have a much better RB, the best N/I WR in the league, a top 3 QB, a top 3 import WR, we have a better kicker in Medlock, a younger quicker stronger MLB in Rey Williams, we have the defensive player of the year in Markeith Knowlton, we have arguably the best DE in the game in Stevie Baggs, we have a N/I CB who's expected to dominate this year and we will be playing an american at S since Barker can't handle our new man-man D.If anything the Bombers will be taking a step back, no Philip Hunt, no veteran backup in Steven Jyles, Doug Brown's playing his final year, IMO you have a 1 year wonder flash in the pan kicker in Justin Palardy....

** also, some seem to think that after Stala we have no N.I WR depth with the loss of Bauman.Not true.We have Matt Carter who catches everything that comes his way, something that Bauman has not done to this date, unless of course you count his last 2-3 games as a Ticat.

Gotta admire your confidence in your team, killer.

But. . .

Are you serious?

Admire your team all you want, but I happen to believe that CFL defences are too good across the board to be allowing 40 points "constantly."

Recall, cflisthebest made a bet that no Canadian QB would be drafted, the bet being that the loser couldn't post in here until August. . . and he lost the bet.

So what are you willing to bet on your prediction ?