Big turning point today

I don't like to lay blame on the officials, because our secondary is perhaps the worst i've ever seen, but with the score 25-20 in the third quarter and Sask. facing second and 17 at their own 18 (or thereabouts), we get a defensive holding call 40 YARDS away from the play. Not even in the same area code as the play,a late flag, and a call that can probably be made every passing play. After Sask got the first down on the next play, they ended up with a 109yd drive and a 12 point lead. Game over. I mean, if there's no call there, they're punting from their own ten and we get the ball in their end. Who knows?

I saw the title of your post and I intended to mention this play but you beat me to it.....
Refereeing is killing the game. It may be sour grapes today, but I watch all games and all teams and I even get frustrated with calls sometimes that go against the Argos.
There are too many flags, plain and simple.
Let them play.
This has to be reminds me of the NHL a few years ago when they were calling back goals for someone's baby toe being in the crease. You couldn't chear for a goal for fear it would be called back.
Same now in the CFL. I look for a flag every play....and usually find one.

Sadly Hamilton takes penalties when they make good plays. However, good teams "s_u_c_ k" it up and force the other team to go two and out immediately after. The bad ones, well, they make excuses.

I think the turning point was the Printers injury.

He was moving the ball and scoring.

He was on the brink of scoring again when he went down and Willaims squandered that chance by poor time management. And then the 6 point second half performance was the nail in the coffin.

You guys are onto something, but I'm not sure just what.

As to officiating, there can be penalties on each and every play, but I believe the Rule Book says that you only call the ones yhat affect the actual "Play", and therefore the Tabbies got hugely screwed today by the zebras in the non-call of Pass interference in the first half, the "discovery" play where our guy had caught the ball (admittedly on his forearns) but his knees hit the ground long before any loss of possession!

The Rider "interception" later in the game, with the same rules and "understandings"for refereeing in mind, show a very different mindset

I wrote in to Ted Michaels at CHML asking for a "ruling" on the expelled Saskatchewan player coming back on the field when Kerry Joseph scored his TD against our sad sack defence (like nobody has ever seen KJ do this before?) On one hand, is this not a reason to fire the so-called DC for vthe Cats, on the other, why wan't a question flag tosed when an expelled player returned to the playing surface?

The zebra's certainly decided the game today!

I think the Printers injury killed the life out of us BUT i also think the officials stink nad whats with all the challenge flags everytime. You cheer a great play then immedialty look for the challenge flag. this has to change as it is killing the game for all fans everywhere. :thdn:

my vote was printers leaving the game & Ritchie getting sacked final play of the 1st half about 12yards away from a major.

George Black are you out there?

Answer us please!

We were in it until Printers went down and the fact that Joseph stepped up.
Once he started to run it was over, and the fact that Joseph is turning into an accurate passer, he's hard to defend against.

Yes, officials do it again…

Question re the disqualifications and penalties after the “fight”.

There were apparently offsetting roughing penalties (one against each team).

TiCats had 1 player disqualified and Riders had 2 disqualified PLUS an objectionable conduct penalty.

Riders were only pushed back 10 yards (equal to the objectionable conduct call).

What happened to the extra disqualification? (1 for each team canceled each other out) That penalty is a player ejection plus 25 yards.

If anything, Riders should have had 25 more yards tacked on to their penalty but for some reason they didn’t. Where did those yards go?

Plus as has been mentioned, Cats seem to get called at the most inopportune times (ie after a great play or away from the play (the illegal contact on a receiver 50 yards away from the action)). If holding can realistically be called on every play, why do we get nailed mostly after making something good happen?

Re inconsistency… #30 (sideline official along south side) was only 15 feet away but missed (or declined to call) a Rider receiver who was obviously offside by a full stride over the line of scrimmage and yet IIRC, he’s the same one who called the Cat’s illegal contact well away from the play (Riders deep in their own end).

I don’t know what’s worse this year, frustration with the Cats play or the questionable officiating.

2 plays and 88 yards to start the game was a pretty good sign of what was to come.

I have NEVER seen a team give up as many easy first drive scores as this team.

Oh yes the refs. It certainly wasnt your defensive backs getting burnt over and over again that decided the game, it was the refs. Cmon.

I don't believe anyone is ignoring the terrible play of the DBs but, as fans of a team that has received more than it's fair share of questionable officiating calls this year, there were still some inconsistent and head-shaker-type calls in this game.

Just because the DBs screw up doesn't give a free ride to the officials. It just adds salt to the wounds.


There were a number of turning points for me, the biggest probably being the loss of Printers, but our DBs were clearly outmatched today.

As for the refs, there were as usual some questionable calls. As was said earlier, I still can't figure out why we only got 10 yards benefit from the melee. They had 2 guys ejected to our 1, and they had two 15 yard penalties tacked on at the end, one for the helmet, and one for interupting the ref. Just with these two penalties and the ejections, Sask had 80 yards of penalties. Where did we get 70 yards of penalties on that play? Someone needs to check their math.

As stated on another thread, here is the info from the game stats on the melee.

PENALTY SASKATCHEWAN: M. ABOU-MECHREK Rough Play Disqualified (25 yds),
PENALTY SASKATCHEWAN: J. JONES Rough Play Disqualified (25 yds),
PENALTY SASKATCHEWAN: J. O'DAY Objectionable conduct (10 yds),
PENALTY SASKATCHEWAN: J. JONES Objectionable conduct (10 yds),
PENALTY HAMILTON: T. TILLER Rough Play Disqualified (25 yds),
PENALTY HAMILTON: D. ANDERSON Objectionable conduct (10 yds),
PENALTY HAMILTON: D. ANDERSON Unnecessary Roughness (15 yds),
PENALTY HAMILTON: M. ROBERTS Unnecessary Roughness (15 yds)

Better look at the rules, possession does not occur until the player survives contact.

Which is exactly what the rider didn't do when they ruled an interception in the first half as we were driving.
(Charlie didn't challenge...he's saving all of his challenges for the playoffs, I guess)

I thought for sure he'd challenge that and still don't know why he didn't. That being said, I still think the replay/challenge crap is the WORST thing that has happened in the CFL. If there's anything that makes me not watch to watch a game, it's that.

I think it would have been worth throwing the flag, but not sure the challenge would have worked as I do not think it would have been considered a bang-bang play as he took a number of steps. To me the question would be whether he ever actually got control of the ball.